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Additional note to Check Your Change

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On page 72 of CYC there is an Info panel on how to calculate the value of modern proof sets (basically, a multiplier of the total face value). I'd just like to add the following notes :

1. The first three sets 1971/2/3 attract a variable premium - 1971 through being the first decimal proofs, 1972 through being a 'proof only' year set, 1973 through being very difficult to obtain without ugly toning so untoned sets attract a premium

2. Coins that weren't issued in currency form (e.g. 1974 2p 5p 50p) are worth around double the proofs that were. They tend not to add to the value of the whole set but have more value as singletons, which is why so many early sets are broken up on the principle that 'the whole is worth less than the sum of the parts'.

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