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1895 PENNY w/ dot between 8 and 9

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No picture maybe next week

Is this a fluke or their is one recorded?

Hi Josie,

No reference work makes any mention of this - the 1897 & 1946 are the only ones that I know of.

Given that there are two known instances of such a die flaw, it's not impossible it could've happened again, but clearly not in sufficient numbers for any author to notice.

A picture would be nice to see if it looks like the others.

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Thank you custard.

Ive already have taken picture of the coin from, the naked eye looks like a dot but on camera its triangular in shape tried to load on one of the internet but no success I cant transfer it to the computer,mine will be out for a long while maybe Ill try tomorow on the other shop when they open on monday.

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