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New variety of F111 1882 H 2/1 penny

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Here is Michael Gouby's response to the photos of the new variant of F111 BP1882K 2 over 1 overdate. He is happy that it is a new variety to be designated BP1882Kc.



"Hi Jerry,


Thank you for your picture of the TWO 1882 H pennies (P + p)  with 2 over 1.


   I agree that two images that you show of date and especially of the close up do not look like my BP 1882 Ka or K b

            BP 1882 Ka                                    BP 1882 Kb

image.png.e7b0609a2eaac1f42fb1795a9c4eeffb.png  image.png.80dd7a4959398d66195cfb308c479b5a.png

            BP 1882 Kc                                           BP 1882 Ma

Nor do I consider that it is a later more worn stage of either. The image of Kc is extremely close to the amount of the 1 showing to the same reverse die, with obverse R – BP 1882 Ma.

However, the major difference is that on your Kc there is a tiny part of the extreme top left serif showing at 11 o’clock of the 2. The 1 that shows also appears to be slightly thicker than that on Ma.

All of the found examples of 1882 - 2 over 1, found so far, are with reverse die BP 1881 Hb.


Yes I am perfectly happy to accept that the image that you sent me of your 1882 penny with 2 over 1 is with a new 1881 H (altered) die to my Ka & Kb and I am perfectly happy to list it as BP 1882 Kc.


I am perfectly happy if you want to share this email with any of the other collectors that have been involved with the discussions on the merit of your 1882 penny – 2 over 1 as being a new reverse die.


All the best,




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Nice, though I don't suppose there's a third edition in the works.

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