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Good grapes- but how to make wine from them?

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I have about 30-40 bunches of Muscat d'Alexandria grapes sweetening up nicely.

I can't eat all of them.......so is there a winemaking member who would like to make some Château Milton Keynes 2021?

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I am certainly a home wine maker, but I am a long way from Milton Keynes (North Devon), so I am not sure it is worth the cost of getting them down here.

I suspect anyway that they would not make great wine - as a general rule, grapes that are good to eat make uninteresting wine. They tend to lack the tannin and acidity that produces a palatable wine as they have been bred to be sweet and light.

Grape jelly might be an alternative?


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Thanks for that- makes sense.

I'll try the grape jelly route.....the grapes are delicious, and have that flavour that drinkers of Muscat dessert wine know well,

so the jelly should be fab.  

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