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Ebay - new registration requirement issues

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I have been having a battle with them today, and I suspect my days of selling there are over. I may even cancel my account in a fit of pique!

I got the email telling me I needed to register a bank account. I wasn't keen, but after some thought I set about doing it. The link to the bank account failed with an error message from the Bank and I then got a series of ebay emails saying I needed to take action.

I fixed what I thought was the error - Ebay was using my name as per the Ebay account as my bank account name, which failed security. I tried again and now the bank was happy but Ebay wanted to text me a confirmation ID - but showed a phone number that was nothing to do with me, and giving me a USA helpline to call!

I used the online chat system, and eventually got through that - the operator telling me that the account was now linked successfully.

Ten minutes later I get another email from Ebay saying that my ID check had failed and telling me to  upload a copy of my "government ID card" , or my passport. Well I'm not going to do that, so that is the end of Ebay.

Anyone else having similar problems, or successfully got through it all?


I'm not sure I am too bothered - the VAT on foreign sales has made selling there pretty pointless for me, and it is a while since I saw anything worth buying that wasn't at risk of being a fake.

Ebay RIP.


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We all are being forcibly changed to the new ebay payment system May 31st, although they are trying hard to lure people to change before that date. Usually on a Bank Holiday weekend there is the offer of £1 maximum commission to tempt us into selling. And the offers are still there IF you agree to change over to ebay payments now.

I really need to learn how to build a website, fast.

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I had the email telling me to register a bank account. eBay set the account name as per the eBay account which, unfortunately, is the wife's name, so she now receives any sales money.

A buyer can pay immediately with PayPal. eBay then hold your money for a couple of days and then graciously pass it on.

I've received a selling offer this weekend of an 80% reduction in final value fees but only because  I've changed to the new system.

Not comfortable with eBay holding the account details as it seems they have the ability to direct debit variable amounts at will. But as it was an empty dormant account, they'll not get much if hacked.

I've registered an Etsy account, so may give that a try in the future. They don't have the footfall of ebay, so sales may take longer tho.

Certainly don't like eBay's 'Holier than thou' attitude.

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These organisations never seem to make it easy for the end user.

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As far as Etsy goes, I've been on there for about 9 years and made 382 sales. It's not really set up for our market and the fees generally work out to be the same as Ebay/Paypal.

There is one thing though to be considered if you wish to sell to the USA, unless you offer free shipping above a certain price ($45?) your goods won't be seen in America.

Good point, you can make full use of SEO by using the many descriptive tag fields you're given.

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I am annoyed that every single tiny payment via paypal now  goes straight into my bank account , before at least I used to save it up for a month or so and then buy something decent with the procedes

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