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5p Varieties 1969 – 1990

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5p Varieties 1969 – 1990

At first glance there does not appear to be much of interest, just a coin with what appear to be identical obverses and reverses.

As with all coins that have boarder teeth  (bt) or in this case boarder beads (bb), its all about the “pointings”.

There are however some interesting obverse varieties concerning the shape of the truncation, which follows similar changes on all the other decimal coins, especially during the period 1985 through 1990.

It is also worth noting that the early coins were released before decimalization on 15th Feb 1971, so in both size and style at least, they truly belong to the LSD era. 

See the Summary and Details section following the pictures for precise descriptions.

 Obverse 1 1968 – 1977


2nd portrait.

Obverse 2 1977 – 1983


Obverse 3 1984


Obverse 4 1985


3rd portrait with a long pointed tip to truncation.

Obverse 5 1986 – 1987


Obverse 6 1988


Obverse 7 1989


Obverse 8 1990




Reverse A 1968 – 1980


Reverse B 1972 – 1983


Reverse C 1982 – 1989


Reverse D 1990



Summary and details.





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I seem to remember there were two distinct obverses from 1968 - 69. One had a slightly flatter appearance  and a satin finish, the other was mildly 'dished' and had a glossier finish. There were subtle differences in the portrait but I cannot now remember what they were. Both types can be found in the blue wallet sets.

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Nice work.

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