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My listed of threepences needed - any help appreciated!

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After my eventual success with the threehalfpence, it has been suggested I list the few threepence dates I still need. Any readable condition considered as long as the price is commensurate with the condition!

1853, 1852, 1849, 1848, 1847, 1842, 1839

I am ashamed to admit I have all but given up searching on Ebay - either no hits at all or ridiculously high prices for the condition, or mis-identified groats. (The 1839 at auction on Ebay at the moment I am already watching.)



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1849 is a hard one , I sold one ages ago and got nealy £50 for it - no sort of great shakes as far as grade was concerned - think it had around 20 watchers by the time it finished as well

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