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Crazy prices today

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I was following Lockdales sale today and couldn't believe the prices paid for some of the bulk lots. Blue proof sets working out at £24 a pop delivered, or the early sets at over £13 each. Who is paying this much for them? If for resale, where are they selling them? Who is buying them at an even higher price? And finally, please could I have their address because I can't sell them for £25-30 each, nor much over £10 for the early sets, and that's on a good day. Prices seemed to be at or above retail for everything. e.g. A gVF Cnut PH penny of Stamford at £360 hammer! People have too much money, or maybe someone just wanted to pay extra for the crack.

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Yes - I often wonder who bids these things up so high. Early UK sets I struggle to get £10 for, let alone £20+. I can usually pick them up at local auctions for £3 to £6.

The only hammered I wanted was the Harold I penny to tick off another Saxon monarch for me - but it went further than I was prepared to go. I think I have won a couple of other lots so far - Indian and French for onward sale.


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