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Anglo-Saxon coinage

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Hi all  :)

I am writing this post because I would like to ask you which are, according to your opinion, the best books on the Anglo Saxon coinage. I've recently finished the reading of a book on the history of this interesting period and I would like to deepen the knowledge of the coinage related to it.

Any suggestion is welcome! 

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It depends on what you want. As a general reference North is still ok. If you want specialised books, then you have to look at specifics such as The Coinage of Offa and his Contemporaries by Derek Chick; Coinage in Tenth Century England by Blunt, Stewart and Lyon; for specific mints, The Lincoln Mint by H R Mossop or The Ipswich Mint (3 vols.) by John Sadler; for Scandinavian copies then The Anglo-Scandinavian Coinage c.995-1020 by Brita Malmer is good. There are an increasingly large number of detailed volumes, but any volume encompassing all info for all reigns would be impractically large which is why North is still worthwhile as a good general guide, giving as it does the basics plus variety info. It's a bit dated now due to finds since 1992, but covers most of what is out there.

If you want to find out how knowledge has developed down the years, then Ruding, Hawkins or Greuber together with papers from the Numismatic Chronicle and BNJ will all form part of the story.

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Thanks, Rob! I really appreciate it. I know to have been too vague  ... I will try to look at the specifics books and papers perhaps, starting from a specific period. I have already read the recently published Medieval European Coinage vol. 8  and in fact, the problems cited above are quite evident as well as for all books of this series. 

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