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1888 Double Florin Inverted I

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Another coin I'm going to send to NGC is my 1888 Double Florin with an inverted I. I was thinking around MS 62 to 63 for this one. Am I right here? 


I note that NGC value double florins with inverted I's at the same value as those without. Here in the UK they're worth a fair bit more so if I ever do have to sell I'll probably not list it on a US auction site 


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US slabbed values are in the main hypothetical in this country. Conversely, the US will price according to the local market just as everywhere else does, irrespective of what anyone else thinks. In the case of number chasers, the coin appears to be secondary.

That's why an MS65 (or was it 66?) 1901 penny sold for a few hundred dollars in the US being the only example on the TPG list with that label, but would only make a local price of a few tens of pounds. And using the above table, I would be over the moon to get £180 for a double florin in a 50 slab. You struggle getting that for a real gem unless it is the flawed 1 (which is in itself mis-priced, not being a true error).

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