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Mary I Groat

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Hello.I have just purchased a Mary I Groat from a experienced coin dealer but it doesnt ring like a coin when I drop it on my desk, and has a low Specific gravity. I noted in a forum topic from 2012 mention of a Mary Groat database of fake coins. Could someone please compare my coin or advise me of how to find this database. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


mary-i-groat-11342 obcerse.jpg

mary-i-groat-11342 reverse.jpg

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It looks OK to me, probably a detector find judging by the marks. To elicit the 'ring' of silver you need to drop it - not too far- on a glass surface for consistency. But beware that if it is a 'dug' coin it may be brittle. What is its actual weight? 


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Isn't it odd that we all listen to the 'ring', yet silver's not a bell metal...

I slide them down a magnet.

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