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Bulk Pennies and Halfpennies

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Before I take all this lot to the scrap man, does anyone want this lot?

27.2Kg of pennies - all GV to EII with the majority GV and GVI. (Dr Larry took most of the QE2 stuff a year or so ago.) I won't say these are "unsorted" - I have checked them through for obvious dates and the Hs and KNs and 26MEs, but not for all the different lesser varieties (recessed ear, hollow neck etc.) Obviously anything of excellent condition in the earlier dates will also have been removed.

16.2Kg of Halfpennies - all GV to EII. Apart from picking out any good quality ones in the earlier dates, these are unsorted.

I get £3.40 per kilo from the scrap man, so you can have them at that plus any cost in getting them to you. (No charge if you collect or we can meet up somewhere in the South West that I have reason to go to.)

If I get no takers in the next couple of weeks they will have to go to the scrap man - before I get so much that the floor gives way!

(I do also have quite a bit of Victoria and Ed VII coppers in low grades, and also lots of farthings GV to EII if you want to discuss those too.)


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