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Kutch Dhinglo?

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I think it's a Kutch dhinglo, but could do with confirmation together with date etc. Weight is 12.31g and diameter is just under 20mm. Thanks.



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Thanks Paddy, I'm inclined to agree, but for the life of me can't concoct a date (or part of a date) in the range 1267-1274 from the legend seen whatever the orientation. From the link I am struggling to see what constitutes 127 in either Kutch or Arabic, which if the * is a wild card, means that it is off the side

The central line on the reverse is RAO SRI DESALIJI, which doesn't leave much to work out the date. And if the date is on the other side, the most obvious numerical possibility is an Arabic o, but 5 shouldn't come into it.

Edit to add that if the bottom line is 127 in Arabic, then how do you make the last digit a 0,1, 2, 3 or 4?

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I hadn't really looked at the date - just compared the symbols and they seemed to match.

Looking at similar examples on this page: https://www.zeno.ru/showgallery.php?cat=6249&page=2

it would seem the date is below the lower bar on the first image you posted, but if so it is only by stretching the imagination and adjusting my understanding of Kutch numbers that I can see any pattern in the examples identified. Yours seems to match those identified as AH 127* but the last digit is well off flan.


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I think they used a mixture of Kutch and Arabic, so the name is Kutch but the date is Arabic, which is why it is listed as 127*. An Urdu 7 is <, unlike the majority of arabic areas which use a v for 7. That would then make sense for 127, but the last figure in the link you posted initially also looks like a < and according to Krause this issue only goes up to AH1274 - but Krause could be wrong as it misses out things from time to time.

Whatever, I think it is the correct attribution. Many thanks. All that for some thing worth a fiver!


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Kutch Dhinglo was a fine Prog Rock drummer.

I have many of his LPs.....

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