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Athelred II Long Cross penny Barnstaple mint

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An acquaintance bought this coin back in 2008, paying £1250 plus commission at Spink. He is considering selling it on now, but does not know if he would get anything like his money back. (He is not a coin collector but bought it as he lives near Barnstaple.) I have checked through other sales at Spink and suspect he payed top whack back then and so probably would lose out selling it now - but does anyone else have a different view?



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He bought it in Sept 2013, not 2008. Current Spink book for this in VF is £1350, and £1250-1350 is in the right ballpark for this coin at current retail prices. Better than VF in parts, but mushy in others and a few too many peck marks on the reverse reduces the appeal.

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