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Removing scratches from coin slabs

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One way of removing scratches from coin slabs is breaking the slab. (Yes, I anticipated that response already)

But anyway, I have brought a retro watch (1950s design) recently and it has acrylic glass instead of the usual sapphire crystal glass. I brought some polywatch for two or three pounds so that I can polish out any scratches. (Very easy to use: you put a little of the paste on the watch glass and polish with a cotton wool pad. Repeat if necessary).

I tried it on a CGS slab and it worked quite well. A fairly deep scratch mark has almost disappeared in the process. But I understand that NGC use a harder plastic and might not work as well on their slabs. I have heard that some people have even tried toothpaste to remove scratches. 

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I restore lots of old studio gear with lots of different plastic meter fronts etc.

- I find toothpaste is just too 'hard' - brasso works well, but try T-cut first

since it isn't designed to hammer the paint surface....

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