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Old Coin for Son

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Hi anyone ( @Peckris @Peckris 2 ),

an old coin I’ve had for years that I want to put on a leather necklace for my 10 year old son. Question is, I know so little about these coins that I don’t want to disappoint him with a lie from someone he believes to know a thing or two about coins? Namely, I don’t want to tell him it’s roman and one day, long after I’m gone, he discovers it’s Greek or something!

Is there enough info here to give me a broad ID? 


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You are safe with Roman - I can read "IMP CONSTAN...." on the obverse. Thereafter it becomes more difficult - Constantine... Constantius... Constans... and which number...?

A Roman specialist may be able to nail it down exactly.


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Think your correct paddy. I have one very similiar of Constantine I 

Details as follows for mine 

Roman Follis 
Constantine I as Augustus 
Reigned 307 - 337 AD
struck c.Mid-310 AD 
Londinium mint ( London) 

Laureate, cuirassed bust right

Sol, radiate, standing facing, head left, chlamys across left shoulder, right hand raised, globe in left
T | F across fields
PLN in exergue



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Yes, definitely Roman, and definitely one of the Constan... group of emperors - not rare but fascinating, especially for a 10-yr-old.

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