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secret santa

1860 Jb (V over inverted A)

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I have spoken to Michael Gouby re this coin and he is 100% sure that it is an inverted A.
He says :
"The centre "A" bar is clear and solid.
A tiny bit of the 'foot' of the inverted A can be seen just above the left leg of the 'V'.
The 'I' of VIC has also been double struck.
I am lucky enough to have taken an enhanced scan of the whole of the word VICTORIA.
Richard, if you want to post this picture or my comments on the Pre Decimal website – feel free to do so.
I am sorry that I don't seem to have time be active on the forum but I am always willing to help with any question that I can answer.
Here is Michael's photo:
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Thanks Richard, it would be surprising if no other examples of this type have been found since Michaels book was published 

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