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Silliness of the "Un-researched Purchase" Variety

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well done sorry to nanny you LOL  I just didn't want you to get tripped up. 

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Coins 728x90

8 hours ago, Madness said:

Purchase price = $750

If I sell at $600 I'll clear a bit under $550 after fees and costs.  Add this to the $200 refund and I'd almost make my money back.

I'm not too upset: I've made some much more expensive mistakes than this.  Take the time I was obssessed by vacuum tube (valve) audio amplifiers.  Spent thousands in bits of glass that lit up when you ran electricity through them.  They made great music, but the difference in sound produced by different tube variations and types was mostly only subtle.  Also got into building and modifying tube amps.  Do you know how much it's possible to spend on boutique capacitors?  

You live and learn.  I'm far less impulsive these days than I was five or ten years ago.  I also have far less money!

Although I'm too disabled to use it now, my Ion amplifier - though solid state - was designed to give a similar reproduction to valve amplifiers. 

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