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Coin # 1. For BRAVERY:   I had a wicked father a violent man who would always take anything from us he wanted.  I was on holiday in Cornwall and the night before a waging storm had ripped apart the family tent and I my sister and the dog named Bruce sat in the blue Vauxhall Viva all night listening to the claps of thunder and the wack of my father as the rest of the family tried to keep hold of the metal poles, the  canvas and my father's fist .  Fear controlled our every action when he was around unpredictable as a summer storm.  The Morning after was as peaceful and as beautiful a day as you can imagine on a cornish beach in mid summer, the only reflection on the night before could be seen in the masses of wood and seaweed littering the shore and the crashing of the still energised waves. 

The event, of course, led to a premature departure; but there was still time to be on the the beach once more, more importantly in the jewels of the crowning glory of the coast: the rock pools.  I was a light footed creature as a child, unlike now, and knowing I had already spent too much time searching I jumped over a few more pools; scanning for movement of shrimps and fish.  The reflection caught my eye first, the sun was at an angle to fall to the back of one pool and something glittered deep.  In mid air I stopped sharp on the rocks leaning down legs astride a broad crack filled with water I attempted to reach down but the depth proved too much and i fell grazing my shoulder.... but I had it.  The salty blooded water I could taste, but the pain meant very little as in my hand as I opened it was a coin worn and pitted but on it was a face I could not at first recognise.  My brothers were at the time heavily into Metal and rock and had posters of T REX on the wall and when I picked up this coin all I could see was the wild hair and profile of Marc Bolan it was the crazy 70's.  

The coin had been tumbled and I had no idea how long it had been there, but I like to think that it has travelled the sea currents from the wreck of the Association which went down in 1707.  The crazy captain ( there by rank rather than sense) forced a group of ships returning across the Bay of Biscay up through a terrible storm. The local  story goes that a midshipman, who knew the waters, had advised the captain of the position off the Scilly Isles.  Confronted with common ...common sense he had the man hung on a charge of stirring a mutiny.  The ships went down with the loss of about 1600 lives that night and carrying a lot of silver, coins are today still coming up from the wreck.   So Marc Bolan's (T Rex) or as he is know William the III's 1697 shilling was my treasure ....Of course I got a hiding for coming home bloody and a bit torn but that coin stayed with me hidden for many years.  It served as my "weathering the storm coin" growing up with a violent tempest of a father.  I lost it at some point when I left home as a kid but in later years I found a few , one on an old setting has the date and loss of the association written into the edge.  

At times it's worth facing the storm searching for treasure in the calm that comes after and leaves you with something tangible to hold onto. An ironic twist being that the Captain (the father of the ship) sadly survived.... it is strange how bullies often manage to avoid the fates they impose upon others. My first coin. Age 7 Coins can bring us many things Bravery came with this one. 

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