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Tiny Bronze coin found- possibly Celtic?

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Hello All, 
I found an interesting tiny bronze coin in my garden today (with a metal detector), and was hoping someone may be able to identify it.    I have previously found a Roman bronze , Domitian ~AD89, very near by (my profile pic), but the design on this one looks more like Celtic.   This is in the Surrey/Hampshire area.
I've just given it a light rub with some wax for the moment, as I've killed some previous (non valuable) coins with cleaning.  Any input would be appreciated, It's around 10mm across, and may just be a broken piece for all I know.   
The design looks very similar to some of the Coriosolites coins I've seen online, but this is a guess.  Apologies for the pic quality, I'll replace with a proper macro one when I find a chance.

thanks in advance!!

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Guest n_jones

Thank you, interesting, I'm not familiar with these, but will certainly take a good look. 
Not sure if its relevant, but the opposite side shows similar markings, but is far more worn. The details are tiny, as you can see from the size of the pores in my hand.  Some of the edges look broken, but others appear just worn-down.

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