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2004 Falklands Islands Proof Set Question

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I have been trying to run down actual pictures of this set, or better yet the set itself, but have only been able to find the original Royal Mint pictures of the set and also the PL BU set.

I am trying to find more information on this if anyone can be of help. Many thanks in advance if you are able!

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Wow, sometimes you just "have that feeling", and I had a look around AGAIN and actually found a proof set! Originally this was to be of unlimited mintage and then dropped to 2500; subsequent to that the estimate is less than 50 sets. I think interest had waned in what is essentially a base-metal set and so a rarity was born.

The significance is that there may be other sets of similar scarcity out there but since the RM is loathe to publish numbers of mintage or release, we have only anecdotal evidence. I don't understand why they are not forthcoming....

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