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The Gazette - New 10p Designs

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Just some news of a proclamation in 'The Gazette' dated 9 February 18, it lists a new series of 26 reverse designs one for each letter of the alphabet on ten pence coins.  I'm guessing but I don't think all 26 will be released in one year.  The silver and nickel plated mild steel coins are to be legal tender.

The designs are as follows -


The design of the said ten pence gold, silver and nickel plated mild steel coins shall be as follows:

‘For the obverse impression Our effigy with the inscription “· ELIZABETH II · DEI · GRA · REG · F · D · TEN PENCE ·” and the date of the year, and for the reverse either:

(a) a depiction of the Angel of the North and the letter A; or

(b) a view down a gun barrel with the James Bond logo and the letter B; or

(c) a cricketer striking a ball and the letter C; or

(d) a depiction of a double-decker bus and the letter D; or

(e) a depiction of an English breakfast and the letter E; or

(f) a depiction of fish and chips and the letter F; or

(g) a globe with a marked line to indicate the Greenwich Meridian and the letter G; or

(h) the badge of the Houses of Parliament and the letter H; or

(i) an ice cream cone and the letter I; or

(j) a depiction of the Gold State Coach and the letter J; or

(k) a depiction of King Arthur and the knights of the round table with the letter K; or

(l) a depiction of the Loch Ness Monster and the letter L; or

(m) a Mackintosh and the letter M; or

(n) a stethoscope and the letter N to denote the National Health Service; or

(o) a sprig of oak with an acorn and the letter O; or

(p) a postbox on a street and the letter P; or

(q) a depiction of people queuing through the letter Q; or

(r) a robin and the letter R; or

(s) a view of Stonehenge and the letter S; or

(t) a steaming tea pot and the letter T; or

(u) part of a Union Flag and the letter U; or

(v) a depiction of a village street and the letter V; or

(w) a spider’s web and the letter W; or

(x) a ship off the shore of a coast and the letter X; or

(y) a Yeoman Warder and a key with the letter Y; or

(z) a zebra crossing and the letter Z.

The coin shall have a grained edge.’

The original document can be found using the link below.


Does anyone have any other information about these coins?

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Coins 728x90

And a side bet on which one will have a very limited mintage....

I'll go for L, no-one can find that bugger :)


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7 hours ago, sabrejv said:

I'm guessing but I don't think all 26 will be released in one year.

We'll see - in Australia they did a letter for each $1 for a few years (I think they may have stopped) - none circulated and they did each letter each year for a couple of years.

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1 minute ago, AardHawk said:

Dreadful, just dreadful.

I couldn't agree more. The Beatrix Potter series of coins is the worst thing we've ever produced, by quite some margin. Solely designed as a RM money maker. :rolleyes:

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