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US Grading vs UK Grading.....

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1 hour ago, zookeeperz said:

£90 registration still apply? 

Annual membership is £99. Members also receive two vouchers each for £50 one is redeemable of any one off purchase above £50 in the London Coins Auction. The other is redeemable off any purchase from their website where the ticket price is £250 or more. Judging by the inflated prices they charge, the second voucher is worth less than a piece of tissue unfortunately. 

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13 hours ago, Sword said:

I am rather inclined to think LCGS might not body bag it especially if it is own of their own coins. I am not taking a cheap shot at LCGS but I think one can justify giving a numeric grade in this case. The placement of the mark is very important in my view. A smaller mark on a focal area like the cheek is a lot more distracting than this one which is in the field near the edge.

Take a cheap shot at them I do. I wouldn't trust an LCGS grade or CGS which is one and the same . Any TPG that slabs their own coins for resale cannot be trusted. Conflict of interest,there would also be a huge bias towards overgrading the coins. Which has become more apparent if you look at the stark contrast in coins of said grade with one being so much higher than it should be.

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Hello Colin88,

Why don't you have a look at: "Survey of CGS vs PCGS/NGC Grades", which was started by Sword in this forum section on 20 Septe4mber 2015?

I think the info you're seeking to find is presented in that posting for Victorian halfpennies. My contribution to that discussion uses actual graded results of the three TPG services of interest to derive the equivalences for that series of coins that were graded by CGS, PCGS, and NGC. Such a comparison can be made for any other series of coins by a similar treatment of the three service's population census data.

It must be emphasized that the equivalences made only apply to the Victorian halfpenny data that was published at the time of comparison AND apply to the overall results, which are NOT necessarily applicable to a coin-to-coin comparison for equivalence!

This topic (and TPG results, in general) is a thorny issue, but coin grading will never be an exact science with a fixed set or rules to follow because the preferences of the graders determine the results. (The degree of preservation (the definition of "grade") will always depend upon the grader's personal preferences for such elements as depth of strike, edge conditions, coloration, surface blemishes, toning spots, degree of wear, etc.). Only gross comparisons can be applied with any degree of confidence!



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