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Double strike on Hammered coin. Edward?

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Hi there.

I have a hammered silver penny which I think s one of the Edwards. I have a few hammered coins of various grades, kings and denominations, but this one has been mistruck and then struck again over the top off centre. What is this error called? A double strike? A Mistrike? I can't imagine that they are that rare seeing how they were made then. The coin is in pretty good condition apart from being difficult to read as it has been struck twice over the same coin on both sides.

Hmm...  the pics didn't come out as good as I hoped - I will try to photo the coin again later, but here it is for the moment. I quite like it...  even though it looks a bit of a mess. The cross of the longcross is broken in the middle and the centre of the cross is way off centre, like a crucifix  and it has double the sets of dots on it...  a mess, but interesting. You may have to zoom in to see it properly - or as I said - I will try to photo it again if needs be.

Thoughts appreciated - Thank you.



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I can see TAS ON on the reverse so safe to say it's a London mint coin. As for the obverse all I can say is that's it's a coin of Edward 1st , 2nd or 3rd. Sorry I can't be of much more help with it. 

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