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Edward I Groat

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On 12/11/2017 at 1:26 AM, Guest John said:

in your travels, you gents may come across newer money? i'm referring to coins of the geo II - geo III flavor. i'm particularly interested in 1/2d's and farthings, both english and irish. I'm buying! I actually collect contemporary counterfeits and evasions.  But I will take most anything with a readable date including regal. If you guys have anything you want to move, please contact me. You can describe what you have or shoot me a pix. I am buying! ....johnwlouis@comcast.net

Thank you for your consideration!


Hi Guest John  Why not become a member on the forum? You appear to have some specialist knowledge which would be welcome in the Predecimal brain bank. You will also have access to the members threads.

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Also John, you would enjoy talking with forum member seuk whose interest in fakes mirrors yours.

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