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Vaccum packing.

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I was think the other day about vaccum packing some of my modern coins. Has anyone done this or know if there are any drawbacks, etc..

I was thinking of wrapping in parchment then in soft cloth before vaccum sealing. Then basically storing them away for the next 10-20 years.

Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated.

Thanks Brian

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That thread really doesn't give a definitive regarding safety of storage one way or the other. If you wrap the coins in acid free parchment, or even coin envelopes. Into lint free clean cloth the vaccum the air out. The tests shown in that thread gave no indication of having any pre checks or provention of coins being kept in contact with plastic.

Maybe worth an experiment on say some 1967 mint pennies and halfpennies.

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I put mine in lighthouse flips then seal them in tupperware boxes packed with a few silica gel packs before storing them away if thats any help. 

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