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Penny - 1902 - Kings Norton Trial Piece

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As a model coin collector , and now move on to collect royal mint and other trial coins, am I allow to copy and paste your pictures that you have posted , so I can add them to my collection of pictures to know what is out there


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People are happy to share information on this forum. Problems with copyright usually occur when publishing other people's images for personal gain.

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On 31 January 2017 at 10:29 AM, Nordle11 said:

In which case I think it was from when KN were trying to secure rights to supply blanks for the London Mint, and having the equipment themselves to actually strike coins they wanted to create examples of what they could produce as well. I suspect that's what lead to them being brought in in 1918 & 1919, although as has been noted the obverse is very weakly struck which might explain why they were attempting to produce examples during Eddy's reign and didn't actually create any pennies until a decade later.

Attempts at expansion I would guess.

Which they did, long before 1918/19 if you read the introduction to Michael Freeman's 'bible'. Officially they supplied the Mint with blanks from 1912, but given the reddish colour of their blanks, it's not too far-fetched to think they also supplied some between 1908-1910. 

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