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Found 4 results

  1. The worlds three top grading companies all offer a restoration service. PCGS call is "Restoration service', NGC call it "Conservation", ANACS call it Conservation and strongly deny its a restoration service. They all claim that they remove harmful contaminate from coins to protect the surface. They all state they do not clean the coins they simply remove surface particles including glue, stains, hazing, dip, corrosion and PVC residue. Here is a before and after picture of a US 5 cent shield nickel from NGC I have been in the industry since I was 10 years old and after over 40 years still heed my grandfathers advice "Never clean a coin, you don't own it you are just a caretaker until it is sold onto another generation". I am not sure how I feel about this. All three companies will (Unlike Mickey Mouse graders like ICG or CGS) spot a cleaned coin, I find it hard to explain the difference between cleaning and conservation to my customers when I don't really understand it myself. Worst still, once they are conserved/restored they are then graded with zero mention of this. This does not seem right to me or am I just old fashioned?
  2. This is a table I use for my customers and myself. It is not 100% perfect between the grades but as good as I can determine. (Sheldon Scale is the 70 point grading scale that was created by American Bill Sheldon) and is what is used in the United States and around the world now. CGS Numerical Grade Average Raw UK Grade Average Standard USA Sheldon 100 FDC MS70 99 FDC MS70 98 FDC MS70 97 FDC MS70 96 FDC M69+ 95 FDC MS69 94 AFDC MS68+ 93 AFDC MS68 92 AFDC MS67+ 91 AFDC MS67 90 NFDC MS66 88 BU -NFDC MS65+ 85 Choice UNC - BU MS65 82 Choice UNC MS 64+ 80 Choice UNC MS 64 78 UNC MS 63 75 UNC or near so MS 62 70 AU MS62 65 GEF MS61 60 EF AU58 - MS60 55 NEF AU55 50 GVF AU55 45 GVF AU 53 40 VF AU 50 35 NVF XF 45 30 GF XF 40 25 GF XF35 20 F XF30 15 NF XF20 10 VG XF15 8 VG VG10 5 GOOD VG8 4 FAIR G4 3 FAIR G3 2 FAIR G2 1 FAIR G1
  3. Hi all - just after some advice...I was looking at getting a few coins certified / encapsulated by PCGS. I initially looked at a third pary doing it...I won't mention names but I was shocked at how much I was going to be charged....along the lines of £49.99 by PCGS (Okay that's fine) £39.99 by the third party for postage and insurance...then a further £10 handling fee per coin! So all in all to get my raised edge 1935 proof encapsulated I was looking at about £100! Is there a way an individual like myself can send say 4 coins to PCGS directly? As in post them...or would I need to attend some sort of convention? Any advice on this would be great....as I do want to have about 4 coins graded...but am put off by paying £200+ for them all!
  4. das1979p

    First Time Grading

    I have a coin that I would like to have graded, but before I do, I'm after some advice. I have never graded a coin and I don't want to get it wrong. The coin is a 1898 South African Pond. To my eye it looks to be in fairly good condition, but it has a nick on the top edge. Will it be rejected? What sort of grade might it achieve? NGC or PCGS? From their websites, neither is particularly cheap. Do discounts come up at coin fairs? Trying to decipher the small print, I reckon NGC is in the order of $50. Should I wait until I find something better? I assume that CGS is not a good option, because it is not British. Sorry about the photos, it looks like the top is in focus, but not the bottom. Many thanks, David