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Found 33 results

  1. Hello everybody! First, sorry for my poor English, I'm from the Netherlands so please be gentle... In my collection I have some Model 1 penny's in a very good state. Today I was looking at them when 1 coin looked strange. The coin has an extra letter E in the word "penny". I can not find any information about it. Has anybody got more information? Sorry for the poor pics, just made them with an Iphone... Best regards, The Dutch guy. Ps: I could not find a space to introducé museale properly so of anybody wants more info, shoot!
  2. Hi everyone. I'm new to coin collecting so need some advice on a coin i found in a job lot. I believe it to be the 1922 Penny with the Britannia reverse from 1927 which i know is rare. It is a little rubbed but i believe the gap above the 1922 along with Britannias arm and the way it slopes up (along with it being thin and not muscly like the original 1922 reverse) gives it away. The border teeth seem to be rubbed however if you look next to the 1922 the teeth seem alot more obvious there. Can you please confirm if this is right or not? I have been made an very good offer by a dealer who is convinced it is right i just need to know whether or not to accept it and what the value is if its genuine?
  3. Conditions range from G.F to Poor - Can send photos of individual coins as requested - Open to all offers One penny Edward 7th 1903 One penny Edward 7th 1904 One penny Edward 7th 1907 One penny Edward 7th 1909 One penny Edward 7th 1910 One penny George 5th 1911 One penny George 5th 1913 One penny George 5th 1915 One penny George 5th 1916 One penny George 5th 1917 Half penny George 5th 1917 One penny George 5th 1919 One penny George 5th 1920 One penny George 5th 1926 One penny George 5th 1927 Half penny George 5th 1928 One penny George 5th 1928 One penny George 5th 1930 One penny George 5th 1931 One penny George 5th 1936 One penny George 5th 1936 One penny George 5th 1937 One penny George 5th 1938 Half penny George 5th 1940 One penny George 5th 1944 One penny George 5th 1949 Half penny Elizabeth 2nd 1959 x2 One penny Elizabeth 2nd 1961 Half penny Elizabeth 2nd 1962 Half penny Elizabeth 2nd 1963 Half penny Elizabeth 2nd 1964 Half penny Elizabeth 2nd 1965 One penny Elizabeth 2nd 1967 1928 Irish penny ‘G.F’ grading
  4. Can anyone help with the overdate/errors on this 1858 penny date overstruck B over r in Britt And over strike of D of Dei Many thanks steven
  5. Doubled 4!!! Does anyone have a good pic of this type please?
  6. Good evening all Allow mw to introduce myself as a newbie on this site having been directed here from someone I purchased a coin from recently. I have been collecting coins for about 10 years - I started with any and every coin and over the years have slowly finding my greatest interest lies in Copper pennies and shillings from Queen Victoria to current. Of these I am most keen on Bun Head and King Edward penny and shilling coins. While I have begun finding good resource material for Penny coins "gouby" ive struggled finding the best resource for shilling coins any recommendations? best regards Frederick. Would also be interested in good online auction sites. I must say been reading through the forums and what a great site compliments to all.
  7. Hi all, I purchased a coin as a R18 3 years back at Croydon Auctions lot 278 and have since put it with 2 other coins in the same pouch I am having trouble identifying which it is. I am about 90% certain it is the third in any case I still require some help identifying the Freeman varieties for the 3 coins. I have attached the 3 pennies that were in the same pouch. I hope you can help identify the varieties for me. I have very little experience with 1861 pennies. Many thanks in advance. Regards, Prax
  8. arthurcrown

    Soho Mint Penny Question ?

    My favourite issues at present are the Soho Mint coppers. I've just picked up this nice grade 1806 penny to add to my collection (EF at a guess ?). On the edge milling I noticed the grooves aren't uniform all the way round, a few are either thicker or very faint compare to the rest of the coin. As there is very little wear to the coin does anyone know if this is common for this type and period ? I've checked the size and weight which are both spot on so to my untrained eye I've no reason to suspect it as being a fake. Thanks