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  1. claude-83

    1844 halfcrown

    hello again;how much could it be worth a 1937 proof coin set-(11 coins+4 Maundy)?I am after one;thx!
  2. claude-83

    1844 halfcrown

    bought from the same year,same day,same dealer,a 1844 shilling;what u reckon?
  3. claude-83

    1844 halfcrown

    no doubt a beautiful coin
  4. claude-83

    1844 halfcrown

    thx!;well, I did pay more than 125£,but,no probs,thx for your reply
  5. claude-83

    1844 halfcrown

    hi,i hope u are all doing well;a couple of days ago bought this coin from a trusted dealer;your thoughts please,how would u grade this one and,of course,how much do u think it worth;many thanks!
  6. claude-83


    oh... u are a top sir;thanks for your reply
  7. claude-83


    hi,bought this 1937 coin set from a dealer;your thoughts,how would u grade this one ,your opinion please
  8. claude-83


    yes,u're right
  9. claude-83


    thx! after some pre 1930 notes,and 5£ notes from 1971 onwards
  10. claude-83


    hi,thx for your comment;what u say is true but,as I am a new collector,my wants are changing every single day by discovering more facts related to british coins;thx again
  11. claude-83


    hi,thanks for your comment;i collect british coins and notes
  12. claude-83


    anyone there selling a gothic florin 1887,thx!
  13. claude-83

    happy new year!

    best wishes for 2017!