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  1. Lost_shilling

    1854 Penny: Fake or not?

    Your help is really appreciated. Thank you all and Happy Holidays.
  2. Lost_shilling

    1854 Penny: Fake or not?

    Hi there! I am here to learn. From what I saw from looking at several pictures online, this is a 1854 Plain Trident Penny. I refrained from bidding on it because of the position of the colon that follows the R on the reverse. Pictures of certified coins I have found online lead me to think it is too low on this example. Moreover, I have found images of fakes where the colon is low too. Looking for experts to chime in!
  3. Lost_shilling

    Help IDing 1860 Halfpenny var.

    Thanks to both of you. Views on grade are welcome too.
  4. Your views on this coin would be much appreciated. I may post a few more if you don't mind. I also have 2 x 1853 Halfpennies which leave me puzzled.
  5. I've been told you guys know your coins... and may know which variety mine is!
  6. Lost_shilling

    1860 penny ; variety?

    Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, this is fairly new to me.
  7. Any help in identifying the variety for this 1860 penny would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Lost_shilling

    Testing - photos of my 1829 Halfcrown...

    As IanB said, reading this https://24carat.co.uk/frame.php?url=limacoininfo.html was really interesting. Thanks for sharing Stuntman!