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  1. In my local I have my Pewter tankard but if playing away from home then it's a Nonic Pint.
  2. It's the Association of Short Circuit Testing Authorities https://www.intertek.com/marks/asta/.
  3. I've got 7 1937's including a proof and they are all 1+A, as are all my 1938 (4) 1+B. ESC doesn't list such a variety but it does list a VIP proof and a matt sandblasted proof.
  4. Sleepy

    New forest coin find

    Spinks has HVIII VF Angels valued between 2 and 4 grand so 64 of them could be worth around £200,000. I'm more intrigued by who buried a load of Krugerrand's in the garden in the 70's and forgot about them!
  5. ok those images are terrible try these:-
  6. Well here's mine to add to the debate I am not going try and say if they are type I or II, or even if such a variety exist. From the left a boxed crown, one from a proof set, and on the right just a bog standard coin with green stuff.
  7. It's actually a very nice coin even without the attributes, and silly price.
  8. Can anyone tell me what material the 1949 NZ Crown was minted in. All the reference, I can find, state silver but with no further details of what standard of silver. I'm even a little skeptical if it is silver at all as NZ changed from 0.5 silver to CuNi in 1948 along with the UK.
  9. Sleepy

    Photographing Coins

    I think kaiser make the best copy stands, but they are expensive.
  10. I suspect there is some child somewhere that is going to be very disappointed, unless off course he/she is a coin collector.
  11. How accurate is the die number information in ESC as I appear to have a sixpence whose die number is not recorded 36 on a 1872?
  12. Getting quality YH shillings (and GH florins) is so difficult. So I would be very happy with that Paddy.
  13. Rob, I visit your site quite regularly and I have not noticed any change in how quickly it runs in the 3 or 4 years I have been visiting. Have never opened it using a mobile so can't comment on that. Phill
  14. Just from the top of my head I think all hammered silver coins were removed from legal tender during the reign of William III and early milled not long after 'the great re-coinage' of 1816, 1824 rings a bell. Think all copper was removed from legal tender a few years after the bronze issues of 1860. However I suspect something like Maundy issues were never removed from legal tender so there might lie the answer. Or it could be the simple answer, the 6d, 1/- and 2/6d issues of 1816. The interpretation of legal tender, even going back as early as 1970, was a lot more strictly applied, there were less alternatives to cash and fewer RM rip offs.
  15. The diamond thing looks like a shirt button, they normally come as a set of 4.