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  1. I would think you are referring to the 1970 Coins and Medals annual That David Sealy refers to. I believe it was collated at the end of 1969, so dosnt include any new discoveries. As for there not being any market for calm seas varieties, good, I dont want my hobby being destroyed by parasites looking for profit.
  2. Dont forget the seven calm sea date varieties (see the 2nd page);
  3. Apology accepted even though it was not required.. There were some other articles attached to that one giving some other details and ideas. Just how effective any of them would be, I dont know. If heat is being sucked in from the surroundings, utilised, and then photons transmitted to outer space, then I think it would be good for cooling your house in Queensland, even if it didnt produce significant Kw. Not sure how it would get on in Canada though!
  4. I think they are suggesting it comes from the warm house (or perhaps from daytime solar heated water.)
  5. You will be pleased to hear that nighttime PV panels (Anti-solar cells) are on the way https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/01/200129174512.htm
  6. You must have been Mike Macartney's best customer! Sold my 02tii after 20 years custodianship a couple of years ago. It was my daily driver. Never let me down.
  7. AardHawk

    UK Election

    Change your gender. I cant see the state pensions people objecting now that the lady who said that there were only two biological types of human was found guilty.
  8. I'm not sure that you understand how ebay (the company) operates. They are not responsible for what is sold on their platform. They make their money by providing a platform for others to use and charging them for its use. Its the others who are responsible for the crap. People need to be more selective of whom they buy from, so maybe only buy from those who operate an ebay store and who presumably pay a fee to do so. I assume one can search only ebay stores. For those who are sell, open an ebay store and show that you are a step above the no fee dross. Just a few thoughts.
  9. I have digitised all the Decimal content for my own use only. Theres not that much actually. I did photocopy all the predecimal variety stuff when I was into that, twenty years ago or so, and there is only a couple of hundred pages.
  10. They failed because sales fell as they raised the cover price. £4 or so then must be £10 today. I know I stopped buying it a couple of years previously because of the price. Content was crap as well.
  11. According to the Editorial in the May 1968 edition, they moved on the 1st of April.
  12. Radio 4 Long Wave. I'm not trying to get at you Rob but one reads posts on a forum and assumes because of the authoritative answers on other subjects, that the people concerned are quite aged, but nine times out of ten, its not true. Anyway take a look at your old radio and you can probably select several wave bands, failing that it is available on Sky Radio on your telly, which is how I listen to the cricket these days.
  13. AardHawk


    The earliest reference to this variety that I can find, was reported by David Sealy in his Coins Varieties colume in Coins and Medals in February 1969. With regard to the estimated totals, V,R,Court in his series, Major Varieties of U.K. Pennies 1902-1967, in the August 1972 issue of Coin Monthly, estimates c.55,500 examples were produced. He looked at 3,403 example of 1908 penny and found 6 examples. He does caution that the "small levels of incidence provide very unreliable bases for calculating accurate mintages. However, they probably indicate that only one die of each of these particular varieties was in use."
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-1983-2-New-Pence-in-Unrecorded-Royal-Mint-Brilliant-Uncirculated-Coin-Set/233308601941?hash=item365246be55:g:SdIAAOSwYXVc1C4A Been for sale for a month or two.