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  1. mick1271

    More Pennies

    The obverse was quite good with no verd . cant find the post (FB is a pain nowadays ) ,If I come across it , I will post the obverse up.
  2. mick1271

    More Pennies

    Nice little windfall for the owner .Handed down by a relative and didn't have any idea of its value .Some of the coins had notes with them , so her relative did know what it was .
  3. mick1271

    More Pennies

    just showed up on a FB page .looks right , but whats peoples thoughts ?
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A5-PVC-ring-Binder-suitable-for-standard-filofax-size-Black-colour/132183443869?hash=item1ec6bf499d:g:ubEAAOSwi7RZHauE Seen these on ebay .Looks like the same size of holes .
  5. mick1271

    Black spots on uncirculated 2011 2p

    1987 2ps are bronze , but since 1992 ,they have been copper plated steel .This would probably make a difference in the colour of the corrosion (spots) .
  6. mick1271

    More Pennies

    This finally arrived from France after being highlighted on the forum . 1874H 7 over 7 . very poor , but a clear example .
  7. mick1271

    More Pennies

    That might be where I have heard his name from . Something to do with Reading coin club as well .Definitely not me lol.
  8. mick1271

    More Pennies

    Hi Richard , my 2nd name is Martin .I think there is another Mick Martin in the coin community somewhere, can't remember where I saw his name quoted , but it caused a bit of confusion on my part . Middle initial L if that helps do differentiate .
  9. mick1271

    More Pennies

    Same phone I used , Finally got a bit of sun in Scotland .Decent light makes a huge difference .
  10. mick1271

    More Pennies

    These ones are a bit lighter . Looks like my scanning skills are nearly as poor as my photography skills .
  11. mick1271

    More Pennies

    They are pretty poor Richard .I only have my phone (or digiscope) to take them . I have a new printer /scanner , so I will get it scanned as soon as I set it up .
  12. mick1271

    More Pennies

    Thanks for taking the time to look at it . The seller was selling a nearly full date run of pennies .all the better ones were being sold separately (bid on an 1845 and 1837 ,but lost both by quite a bit) , but he had a couple of bulk lots, one of which included this one and an 1831 W.W Penny (which I think is rare , but my copper knowledge is limited).The rest were the usual varieties you expect to see in a bulk lot.
  13. mick1271

    More Pennies

    Forgive the quality of the pictures .I am not much of a photographer lol
  14. mick1271

    More Pennies

    still not great , but a bit better