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  1. Just bought one too . Didn't think I needed one , till now .
  2. I believe a lot of the prices are down to the Whitman type folders that RM released for the modern 50p. All easy coins to get ,except the 2009 Kew . I know the feeling of needing to fill a gap , so can understand people wanting to pay over the odds to do it. The 1992/93 EEC 50p only had a circulation of 109,000 ( I remember them in my change when I was in my teens ), but sell for half of what a Kew goes for .
  3. Thanks , that's good to know .I haven't bid on any auctions before ( apart from ebay )
  4. I had a couple of bids on items today .Entered through easybid . Have no idea whether they have won or lost . Is there anywhere that shows what lots have went for ?
  5. mick1271

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The only piece of that that looks even slightly identifiable is what looks like 2 pellets next to a shadow of someone , which would make it a half groat .
  6. Ebay died a death (for buyers anyway) when they started free listings .Now it is so bloated with worthless crap and common modern coins ,that it is just a pain to use .My collecting started nearly 20 years ago and 95% of my purchases in the first 5-10 years were from there .I am lucky to buy 1 a month from there now .If they started charging for listings and refunded the charge from the sales fees ,it would go a long way to stopping the crap getting listed . The amount of fakes is another story , but with less listings it would be easier to police .Unfortunately ,they don't seem to want to be a serious platform for coin sales .
  7. mick1271

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    did you make a profit?
  8. Bloody lovely ......not sure that's a grade though.
  9. The listing pictures do make the coin more appealing than your photos .
  10. I have been using them for nearly 10 years and I have not noticed anything untoward (toning wise) with them .I store them standing edgeways in cases with sachets of silica in them .
  11. Did you soak it in the verdi-care , and if you did ,how long .I have had noticeable results with it , but nothing great . I normally clean with acetone ,rinse and dab with verdicare .I have been worried about leaving it for any more than a few minutes .
  12. mick1271

    sorry state

    How much were they originally from the Mint ?
  13. mick1271

    Acetone & Verdi-care

    Just got some acetone in and had ordered some verdi-care . Decided , because of the postage costs to get the bigger bottle (an extra fiver) .Didn't realise that the cost of the bigger bottle took me over the import threshold for tax . Now I have a bill for £13. 55 to pay before I can pick it up .£8 in costs for the Royal Mail , bloody highway robbers.All because I was trying to save a few quid.
  14. mick1271

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Normally I am reaching for a book to work out the obverses ,but out of all the TB obverses ,6 is probably the easiest to recognise (even in washers) with the B almost touching viccys head .
  15. I have an old catalogue from 1938 ,with prices for all the wreath crowns . All are only available in FDC , apart from the 1928 which is available in VF, EF and FDC. Which may point towards some of the 1928 being released for circulation . Only 30 bob for a 1933 ,the rest are between 14 and 16 shillings each .