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    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Me either and I have been on eBay 20 years. You learn something new every day😀.
  2. A bit more fun to watch for the next couple of weeks. I will be interested to see how Boris does 😀
  3. Not my type of thing. Enjoy your new purchase 😃
  4. Thanks, Peckris 2 not sure I agree on the grade my thoughts were GEF / AUNC although I am not the best at grading these sixpences. I will agree with you on it not being that difficult to find, except I do think it is harder to find one at a decent price because everyone seems to think their one for sale is the only one and hike the prices up.😀
  5. Hi, Paul yes I have managed to get a 1923 sixpence, see below. What are your thoughts on this one?
  6. Another space filled in my sixpence collection. 1927 proof, really enjoying filling the gaps in George V and finding some dates challenging to find a nice grade.
  7. Another upgrade to my brass threepences. Not an easy one to find in this condition. I would grade this as BU but with a slight flan flaw on the obv. what are your thoughts on this, please.
  8. Another gap filled in my Edward VII Sixpence date run. Only need to find a 1902 proof to complete this series.

    Encased Farthings

    I have recently acquired some Encased Farthings and these I find very interesting. I am wondering if other members collect these at all. Also how are these produced? I can understand they were done for advertising purposes, so why did they not use other coins as well for example sixpences? Here are a couple that I have just received. the first is in rather a poor state but the other is far better.

    Encased Farthings

    Another new addition to the collection.

    Encased Farthings

    Thanks, Colin for sharing these images really like both of them. You say you had a few examples of these. I don't suppose you would have a spare of the farthing one. I knew they existed, but as yet have not managed to acquire one for my collection. Or perhaps you know of someone that may have one available to purchase, please.

    Encased Farthings

    Hi Mike as far as I am aware the coins were pressed into the aluminum surround during manufacture. Although I don't have any firm proof of this. The majority of encased farthings in the UK were produced by J R Gaunt you can tell this by the initials of JRG on the surrounds although some were produced by other manufacturers some of which I have yet to establish so most are unknown. They were made as advertising pieces for the different retailers so would assume they were given out to customers as lucky coin gifts. The most common being Hooper Struve and Chelsea Hotel Jersey these come up quite often. I find them an interesting sideline to my other collections. Recently though I seem to be spending more time researching these and hunting them down. It's very rewarding when I do manage to track one down I haven't found yet. I just wish there were other collectors out there that I could chat to and swap information, it seems there is only a handful of us collecting these. Below is an example I have been after for a while it's from my home Town where I used to live as a teenager and into my early 20s the pub advertised I have actually visited. It's now closed down and is a private house now.

    Encased Farthings

    Just added this one to the collection. Nothing spectacular but does have some interesting doubling on the letters on the surround. I am interested to know how this has come about, see pictures. How does this occur? Any explanation or theory on how this may have been struck etc, please. There must be someone out there that can explain it to me.

    2019 A-Z 10p's

    License to Print Money comes to mind😁😉

    2019 A-Z 10p's

    Same designs just a different date. Also same exorbitant price. I will pass on this then.
  16. I totally agree with you on this. As always they would far rather argue amongst themselves than try to sort out the mess we are in. More interested in who is in power that the job at hand.

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    1861 Halfpenny are they having a laugh.🤣https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Great-Britain-Queen-Victoria-1861-Half-Penny-Halfpenny-1-2d-UNC-good-Lustre-LCW/163073460851?hash=item25f7ef8a73:g:frsAAOSwiHZbDx3f

    Keyboard Logger

    Whats a keyboard logger explain, please.🤔

    January 2019 Strike Your Own

    Have a nice visit and don't forget to bring us all back a few goodies as well 😁

    Encased Farthings

    What a nice example of one I do not have, very envious 😍😍 Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Encased Farthings Wanted

    Just wondering if any members have any Encased Farthings they would like to part with. I am trying my hardest to find more for the collection. Or perhaps anyone going to any coin fairs could look out for me if at all possible. Unfortunately, there are no fairs in my area and what collectors shops there are don't seem to have any. Anything considered, you can see what I have in the collection from my website link below. If any dealers on here can help get in touch, please. I am also after images of any Encased Farthing I do not have for my reference section on my website that any members are willing to share.I of course, will give you a mention. I do hope some of you can help please.

    Encased Farthings

    Another for the collection. 1907 "Crockers Drapery Exhibition" seen better days but hey ho they are not easy to find 😃