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    My Latest Acquisition

    Just received my latest coin for the new year 2018 . A 1898 Threepence. I now am in a bit of a quandary as I already have another one of the same year. I need some help deciding which to keep and which to move on, or should I keep both If you could help please see pictures below. Any help in making a decision would be appreciated. Original Coin Latest Arrival


    Happy New Year to everyone on the forum. And thanks for all the help you have given me over the past year.
  3. What a lovely coin. Just exceptional well done that man

    Another newbie

    Hello Toddmeister and welcome to the forum. I am sure you will enjoy it here. Plenty of help and advice given.
  5. Thanks for the info its difficult to see in the picture. So have enlarged slightly the mark runs in the centre of the head down to the ear, will take a better one when it arrives.
  6. Thanks Pete that is great praise for you. I am with you I do like Vickies as well. I am trying to do a date run in sixpences so had to get these.
  7. Two more Sixpences added to the collection. A Christmas present to myself. Interested in what grade you would place on these if you can please. Also the 1904 has either a scratch or perhaps its a die mark on Obverse your thoughts please.
  8. Picked this up this week. Not the best but will do for now. Don't think it will impress the penny boys, but we all have to start somewhere. Started on my 1902 coin set, really don't think this is good enough. Would be interested on comments from you avid Penny Collectors out there, any points where I need to be improving when hunting pennies.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks Pete for the information. I was just going on the amount of 1888 pennies they had slabbed and that variety they had only slabbed 3 in an overall total of 29 so I assumed they were scarcer variety. You live and learn, and by the way I was wrong with the price of the penny I paid £118 for it but this a good purchase off of eBay.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Hi Pete thank you for your kind coments. As i said before I was happy with the grades to a point, but as we all do I was hoping for a slightly better result maybe one notch higher would be good. I supose it is what it is and the fact that none came back not slabbed was good. Below are the grades I got. 1887 Crown LCGS 65 1888 Crown 60 1888 Double Florin 70 1888 Halfcrown 70 1888 Florin 70 1888 Shilling 70 1888 Sixpence 65 1888 Threepence 70 1888 Penny 82 1888 Halfpenny 80 1888 Farthing 80 As you remenber the halfpenny i bought had problems with verd and I had to sort that out pictures earlier in this thread. So was pleased with the grade on that one Your right If I remember it cost me around £90 I think. But with the grade it got I am very happy. Also it was a scarce variety or so I am told. Would be interested in your views on this variety as I have checked what ref books I have and cannot find any mention of this at all. Perhaps you or one of the other Penny boys may be able to enlighten me on how this differ from other normal pennies I really don't have any to compare it too. UIN 0041961 Coin Type PE.V1.1888.03 Origin Great Britain Description Penny Victoria 1888 Variety First I in VICTORIA with both top serifs. Second I in VICTORIA with shorter top left serif. Standard References LCGS variety 03 Provenance Grade CGS 82 Population Level 1 out of 3 Finest Known

    My Latest Acquisition

    Well I have just been informed that my 1888 coins have been graded by LCGS an would like to thank you again for all the input you guys gave me with atempting to grade them before sending them off. All in all I am happy with what grades they were given, although on some I would have hoped for slightly better. The Florin above was given a CGS 70 AU which is what I was hoping for although the value was given at a lot less than I paid for it. So have learnt from that. Below are the pictures of the coin from LCGS website.

    1966 Finger Penny

    Thank you for explaining this for me. I will now have a look through all the 1967 pennies I have.


    I would say it is Almost UNC nice coin

    1966 Finger Penny

    Can you explain please as I have a load of 1967 pennies I would like to check out.
  15. Lovely coin, great detail and wonderful rainbow colours.
  16. Nice coin Paul, brilliant rainbow colours and great detail.

    Christmas Sixpence 2017

    Thanks for the info but it's a bit late for me as I've already ordered mine. If anyone's got the 2016 6 pence spare I would be interested in it.

    Christmas Sixpence 2017

    I see the Royal Mint is doing a Christmas Sixpence are they worth going for to add to my sixpence collection, or to be avoided. I see they also did one in 2016 which was limited to 5000 and have sold out now. There is no mention of a limited amount for this year though. I may just get one just to see what there like in hand.

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    This is another one of his sales,amazing how people fall for this. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Error-New-2016-1-pound-coin-12-Sided-/292244735632?nma=true&si=%252FkMi9%252BrYAZ8oIpfnrNN301NV7mI%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

    Seems like as good a place as any..

    Hi Kev Welcome to the forum. You will find everyone very helpful. What do you collect in coins.

    My Latest Acquisition

    It depends on what year set you go for for 1937 it's 10 coins unless you go for the proof set as well. Most of the later sets I try to go for as near to uncirculated as I can find. On earlier sets it may not be possible to get them as close to uncirculated. Then I try to get them in EF or as close as.

    My Latest Acquisition

    My next step is to move on to a denomination set of 1937 as this has a Crown in the set as well. I don't think this will take me too long as I already have 4 of the coins and have ordered 5 others only need to find a decent Crown in UNC condition at a reasonable price. Where I go from there is anyone's guess I do have a few gaps in my sixpences I need to fill between 1936 and 1970, I may go onto them.
  23. What a wonderful looking Sixpence. One that would grace any collection. Really like the iridescent tones. Thanks for sharing.
  24. Nice George IV sixpence you have there. Haven't any from this reign yet, but I live in hope. Great acquisition.
  25. Really nice coins. Just love to have one of these in my sixpence collection, but probably out of my reach.