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  1. Another for this week to add to the 3d Threepence collection. Although it seems to have a slight flaw on the Obverse. Your opinions on this, please. Is it good enough to keep or should I upgrade??
  2. The 1889 is definitely the best of the three. I paid the most for that one. The 1901 is yet again another mistake on my part 😞as I already have two of them so will have to move at least one on. And as for the 1880 everyone is of the same opinion as me, it's not the best. Will do as a space filler until a much better one comes along. Thanks for everyone's feedback always appreciated.
  3. Just added 3 more Victoria Threepences to my collection. Thought I would show them to you. I am quite pleased with them but would like your thoughts on whether I would need to upgrade in the future. I think the 1880 may have been cleaned at some time your thoughts please.
  4. Yours looks far nicer than London Coins.😀


    I have never heard of this forum before so checked it out. It seems to be working now Paddy.
  6. Its been a while since I posted any new acquisitions. Pick this one up on eBay the other day for a reasonable price, another gap filled in my sixpence collection. I would grade this as GEF/AUNC am I about right, your thoughts, please.
  7. I am learning to play this on the guitar at the moment. Another favorite of mine.

    Using acetone to clean coins

    So much for the BIG BANG theory then🤣
  9. Here is my only one a sixpence to start the ball rolling.

    Encased Farthings

    Hi, Paddy thanks for thinking of me with this one. I have seen a few of these on eBay but not an area I want to go into really. Please still keep a lookout for the Encased Farthing with the aluminum surrounds though. Once again thank for the thought.👍🏻😊

    Encased Farthings

    Hi Smithy and welcome to the forum. You have asked a good question there. I have been collecting these Encased coins for about a year now and to be honest, had not really thought of that. I have seen another with the same surround and dated 1929 so the theory that they were produced the same year that the coin was struck goes out the window. The only explanation I could possibly give is that when these were produced, perhaps the year that the film came out, is that they used whatever farthing coins were available at the time of production. It certainly a puzzling one and worth more research into. Unless anyone else may have another theory that I have not thought off.

    Encased Farthings

    Glad you like them will add more as I find them.

    Encased Farthings

    Still hunting for Encased Farthings. Thought I would share a couple more that I received recently from a collector in Canada.
  14. I missed out on the ones I went for.

    Encased Farthings

    Two more elusive Encased Farthings acquired this week. First in EF+ condition and the second not so good about Fine, but still a nice find. 1953 Elizabeth II Encased Farthing "Speedwell Gear Case Co. Birmingham" 38mm 1937 George VI Encased Farthing “Grand Garage (Morecambe) Ltd” (J.R.Gaunt) 38mm

    1944 Brass Threepence What Happened

    Thanks, guys for the explanation very interesting. I thought it was something to do with when it was struck, shows how much I know Back to school for me then.
  17. Picked this up the other day and would like to know what has happened to this. Not come across anything like this before. I am sure one of you will give me the answer.

    1944 Brass Threepence What Happened

    It is thinner than a normal brass threepence and weighs 4.07 gms.

    Encased Farthings

    Another added to the collection. Not the best condition but Victoria 1886 my earliest one so far. The search still goes on from more of these. If anyone has any or finds any please let me know I am always interested in acquiring more

    My Latest Acquisition

    At last found a decent 1948 Brass Threepence for the collection at a fair price as well. Another gap filled.

    Encased Farthings

    Another added to the collection. Not the best and not that Hooper Struves is one that is more common than most of the others. Still hard to find in decent condition though.

    Why have coins never realised their full potential

    Didn't you think before then
  23. Another Sixpence added to the collection. Although nicely toned and it does look better in hand than my pictures show. It was sold to me as GEF which I think is a little ambitious on the grade. Your opinions on this, please. It also came with a ticket from Spinks so is there any way I can trace the provenance of the coin, please.
  24. I do that as well and miss out so now snipe the ones I am really interested in. I either win it or go bust. Picked it up for £22 + postage. Thought that was a bargain with the toning it has. I am only going for sixpences and threepences now as want to build on the collection this year. I am glad you did not dive in either