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  1. I doubt if I will be fighting you for many as I have limited funds, also I am only just dipping my toes in the Victorian era. So I'm like a child in the sweet shop, want everything but with little to spend. But will have a go on a few😘
  2. Some cracking good sixpences will have to have a go on a few. 😀
  3. Not sure if I paid too much for the 1892 3d bought on eBay for £35 just could not let it go. 😮 😁 At least I won't have to buy another one now.
  4. Also a very nice 1892 Threepence as an upgrade. The best example I have seen for a while😀
  5. Some recent additions to the collection two sixpences 1894 and 1896 probably not the best examples. I am finding it quite difficult to find better have been looking for several months. Are these dates that difficult to find?? in top condition. .

    Question on Teutoburger Münzauktion actions

    There are several small auctions being held on a few coin groups on Facebook that have been going on for a while now. For example there's a 24 hour auction you place your bid and the auction is carried on until a clear. 24 hours is completed without anymore bids. It works like this, you perhaps place a bid of £10 and are the highest bidder. Once you are outbid the clock is reset for another 24 hours. It carries on until there is a clear 24 hour gap with no more bids, and if you are the highest bidder you win the lot. It can go on for a few days. The other auctions are usually set to end on a certain date and time. I have picked up a few nice coins this way .

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    You beat me to it I was going to say that as well🤣
  8. My latest addition to my sixpence collection, a 1787 George III without semee of hearts. Although these are quite common I am happy to get an example at a reasonable price. This is now my second of the 1787, my other has semee of hearts. Now entering an area I not that familiar with, so grading these will be a bit more challenging for me. I am leaning towards a grade of VF or NEF am I correct? If anyone can give me any tips that would be great thanks.
  9. Paddy very nice example of the 1925 George V Sixpence (With Broader Rim) looks slightly better than my example below.

    Happy New Year!


    Old Coin Monthly's still outstanding

    Hi Mike yes anything you have would be great. Thanks for taking the time to have a look.😀
  12. One day I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger eating a chocolate egg. I said to him, "I bet I know what your favourite time of year is." He said, "You have to love Easter baby".!!!

    Old Coin Monthly's still outstanding

    Thanks Mike I appreciate that😀

    Old Coin Monthly's still outstanding

    Well if you ever get round to doing that, I would be interested to know which ones have articles about Threepences and Sixpences. The only one I have is July 1981 and covers Sixpence Varieties. It also says that the next Months Issue covers Victorian Jubilee and Old Head sixpences and Edward VII. So would be interested if you could confirm this for me if possible. I can then go searching for that copy.
  15. First off, one of my chimney jokes. I like chimney jokes....I've got stacks of them. During the lockdown, I have discovered that the advantages of "Easy Origami" are two-fold. Some news about EXIT signs.....they are on the way out. I'm reading a book, at the moment. It's called, "The Wonders of Super Glue". I can't put it down.
  16. I was reading the local paper the other day and I saw this advert for a TV set. It said, "TV set for sale £1.Volume stuck on FULL". I thought, "I can't turn that down".
  17. My latest sixpence for the collection a 1853 Victoria, superb crisp example.😁 I would grade this as Choice UNC what are your thoughts please? To be fair it does look far better in hand than my pictures show. So far this is my earliest example of a Victorian Sixpence.

    Encased Farthings

    I have recently acquired some Encased Farthings and these I find very interesting. I am wondering if other members collect these at all. Also how are these produced? I can understand they were done for advertising purposes, so why did they not use other coins as well for example sixpences? Here are a couple that I have just received. the first is in rather a poor state but the other is far better.

    Encased Farthings

    Another couple of Encased Farthings added to my collection. Both are bought on eBay the first I had to bid on. Picked up at a reasonable price considering the prices of these are now increasing. The second one was a BIN price and at a price that was exceptionally good. I don't think the seller realised what he had. This particular example is quite rare to find and the fact that its in an exceptional condition makes it all the more desirable.
  20. Another arrived today this maybe the last for a while😀 A very nice 1887 Young Head 3d with a slight tone. Although I would grade this as AUNC, it does have a slight mark within the 3 on the coin, but I can live with that.
  21. Last one for this week a very nice example of 1886 Threepence AUNC with some nice toning.
  22. As I have always been told when I first join this forum always buy the best you can afford.😀 With my sixpence collection I have completed from 1970 through to 1902 and am happy with what I have collected so far with a few exceptions I still have to find a decent 1917 George V and also to upgrade a few others namely 1931, 1928, 1916,1915 also possibly my 1902 Edward VII although if I cannot find a better one I would be happy to keep the one I have. I am now venturing into Victoria with around 15 added so far. I can see that this section is going to a bit more challenging as well as expensive. I may have to drop my prefered grade down to on some of these.
  23. Another 1920 Sixpence, nice example and well struck compared to what I have seen around. This is an upgrade and a keeper for me.😀
  24. Another Sixpence just arrived today 1883 Victoria graded as AUNC what are you thoughts please?