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  1. DrLarry

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    yes I do think this is how it happens. The sad thing is the degree to which slab buyers depend on it as gospel.
  2. Perhaps we should start a new thread to write episodes of the mini series ourselves. I have a copy of Wyon's diary and have read some of the papers online of Victoria's diary. I am sure there is quite a bit in Hansard from parliament. And we can ask Viking River Cruises to sponsor the holiday in Europe sections. I am sure if they can make it up on the "The Crown" we could have a good shot at it. Still my ideas rarely bolster a lot of interest and at times feel fictional. Story of my life methinks LOL
  3. Yes I have often wondered that very question myself. I have various tokens with Entente Cordiale with the head of Victoria and you would have thought that this friendly juice could have perhaps stretched to having a chat. Perhaps it is an issue of the complexity of the design as much as anything. Having looked at the Canadian bronze from this period there don't seem to be quite so many errors. I think I have one 1862 over 1861
  4. yes it must have been quite exhausting. They could, with a bit of artistic licence create quite a good soap opera or period drama out of it involving all sorts from the die setter to the Queen and all the intrigue in between . Of course a bit of light relief when Wyon goes on his annual 6 weeks holidays in the middle could always add a bit of scenery . But then perhaps it might only intrigue a few old guys that collect some old coppers or bronze. I'd watch it LOL
  5. can someone give me their wisdom please and tell me what is it in the Victorian Bronze coinage that changes after 1863 that results in a consistent mintage with few errors for many years? Is it that the steel improves in quality so that they can simply throw away damaged dies rather than repair them. apart from one error in the 1863 half penny with an E over an E in PENNY and the 1865 over 3 nothing much happens. the same in the PENNY 65 over 3 but then nothing until the Heaton years. Was there a change in management and method?
  6. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    There is no need for me to show the mint marks you have all seen them before and whilst I have an A and a C I have no B but would like one (one day) One other things is the existence of some reverse G's with no rock (cauliflower ace of spades rock) on the left of the lighthouse. The rocks close to the LTH form a wedge going down to the sea As many have suggested with other "rock anomalies" are just filled sections rather than any attempt to change the die.
  7. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    here is the FAT 2 , there seem to be a number of date differences the two can either be close or far with the whole date spaced or with the 2 off on its own like a delinquent child and also the two is low the 2 almost touching the inner circle. The * I have found either Broken at the top or the base and at times the 8 is very weakly struck. The 8 over the 8 is often well repaired a good repair but it is possible to make out the previous 8 "thinner" underneath on the top. The same for the 6 over the 6 a thick base fractured along the mid point and then repaired and a thinner 6 can be seen. I know there is a 62 over a 26 but have not yet found one and I aslo do not have ( but would like an 6 over an 8 the weak 8 seems to be the motivation behind the restriking error striking in the 6 position rather than the 8 . I have a couple of 2 over 2 s usually with the second 2 down and slightly to the right . There is as I say quite a dramatic difference between the fate 2 and the slender 2 .....I will add images if anyone is interested. fat 2 2 over 2 new find 6 over 6 to the left
  8. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    two strange things associated with die breaks ...the "pimple G" and the E/B just of interest if you see them ....The E in REG in the 1862 is a most bizarre things and it , like the strange metal addition in the the C of the 1862 penny, seems pretty much standard . There is no reason for the gly unruly addition of the rogue metal protruding from the foot. I cannot fathom it out to be honest occasionally as in this example and in some others a die break connects the lower and central limb of the E and in this case the upper too. If anyone knows why this addition to the e exists I would be grateful to know.
  9. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    V over V in VICTORIA
  10. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    A over A in Victoria
  11. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    missing colon after F D
  12. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    Broken D in D G
  13. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    Broken colon after D G the reverse has a very weak 8
  14. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    D over D (I) the fragments of the D can be seen it obviously broke well got blocked and had to be repunched
  15. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    R over R in REG
  16. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    Reverse G Small R in REG
  17. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    OK I should finish this off Broken T's in BRITT call them I's maybe broken E (inverse F in REG )
  18. yes I would say it is 1mm thick yes the bulge is more of a hallo more obvious when looking at the reverse
  19. yes I was just looking at the images and I think you are right the original planchet must have already been of the "right " diameter. So like you suggest just a very thin planchet hence the deformation or lack of detail on the reverse. The reverse is undefined whereas the obverse is quite a nice strike. When is the edging added ? Have you ever come across one like this? there is a slight bulge but no more than a ew microns , the thickness is pretty uniform
  20. Has anyone ever come across an 1806 half penny on a very thin flan before? I would guess this somehow has been struck using a farthing planchet it weighs 3.92 grams . There is a faint inner ring which might be the size of the farthing on one edge the metal has "caught" I can so no reason why it is cast or a fake . I will add pictures but only if anyone asks
  21. I would like your opinion on this HALP I got the other day. With these deep scratches what value would you put on it . I just want to be careful because once I donate it I dont want the charity to get into difficulty with it selling. Many thanks and if you all would pass judgement I would be grateful as I now have to decide if it is worth keeping . it's an obverse 6 . The question is is it worth £160 ???
  22. 1861 R over R in REG