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  1. well done sorry to nanny you LOL I just didn't want you to get tripped up.
  2. A word of caution re: your refund ....I know you said the buyer offered your $200 was that an official offer of a refund or just a casual chat? Be careful that if this goes to resolution for an item not as described you may be expected to return it to get any refund and then all by the resolution team. If you sell it then you will not be able to return it and then you will end up losing the $200 offered casually. I personally think EBay are quite good with these things.
  3. Oh well t is good to know that you confirmed it had been on a mount, it is always hard with Gold you have to be careful
  4. Oh I see you have done sorry did not read fully your previous thread
  5. Madness make sure you look very carefully around the top and edge and see if it has not been removed from a clasp, the last thing you need s it coming back and then losing on the return postage...It is very easy on ebay to initiate a return on the grounds of "not as described" ....
  6. DrLarry

    1862 Penny G over C

    yes I know I think a variety I had from him may have been "doctored" oh well you live and learn...or not in my case... I am sure the forum would agree.
  7. DrLarry

    1862 Penny G over C

    I see there is a new variety listed recently from Cheshire of a G or something over a C in an 1860 penny ..
  8. Personally I would rather see them in a coin thread in order that new collectors can see that there is a whole area of collecting which is a little more "accessible" both in terms of social history and costs....But that is a personal opinion
  9. surely you cannot doubt the Royal Mint Paddy !!!
  10. they come up quite a lot in the US I have noticed over the last few years, usually at quite a high price but still it is a good source. I have a cousin who collects all my US purchases and sends them over every few months as a lot of sellers will only post to a US address. I also only have one farthing the elephant and the cockatoo and a more common double headed cow half penny ...I should imagine there is an interesting story behind them
  11. An expensive plan 76 ...but I think a good one if you consider that they cross a number of collecting types, tokens, animals, (of which there are so many different sub groups of collectors) history ...Which is why they remain a good price and will I am sure retain and grow on that value
  12. They are some of my favourites too. Art work on them is lovely and historically useful too your discussion has made me get them out and look at them
  13. In seeing this one your mind has to be able to seek out assemblages of the same the tone, usually the tonal "discontinuities" are created which help in being able to show the points where the Lamb and the Lion merge. They rely on artistic ambiguity as I have mentioned in the past. So that at any one time there can be a "sharing" of the anatomical elements. As I have said to you structurally this makes it look like Guernica by Picasso when viewed at different angles elements are shared. In art this is something that has been used by artists for centuries to trick the eye. In the same way that you look at those magic eye pictures you must relax your eye to look through the image not at it. In that way the "ghosts" of the heads actually form a £D effect. This is I think just a phenomenon associated with diffraction and the metaphor of the diffraction grid is quite a good one as light is scattered and bent around the diffraction grating in the same way. These images employ some rather sophisticated visual trick relying on optical properties ...but the image is akin to what you would see if you viewed it through through optical calcite or a glass with faceted faces. I am not going to give up on you...or me
  14. the only way I can get close to showing you this is to use the photo exposure to pick up areas of the same density of shade . this allows the upright seated lion to be also seen in context to the smaller "lamb" units which come out of the image towards us and are therefore foreshortened. I think some of the numerous problems involved in seeing this relate to my ability to recognise the sequences so whilst at one tome the sequence can show the seated lions stacked one head on the other in the next section I will show you another constant the "lion carrying the lamb in its mouth"
  15. OK these are the lines that Madness noted on the image of the shilling he has on his training to grade thread. The thing that is so remarkable is the simple mathematical relationship I have in the next set taken the angle steeper so you can see what happens when the lines merge fully. It is always the same a set of parallel dark and light bands which b=cut across the coins face and when viewed from the side edge the sequences occur again and again ...I know it may be my brain ut how can this be. They are always clearest when you get this grid section of the pattern. You have to imagine a design drawn on a flat circle, then split into a series of arcs and domed up into a spherical projection. If I could just get you to understand that the sequences follow the same pattern of light and dark merges to form a joined line...each patch merges and in one "vertical sequence there can be as many as 50 combinations ...