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  1. fourmack

    more FAKES

    cool --but I don't like the postage 12 pound =$24nz
  2. fourmack

    more FAKES

    bagerap--- I am interested in the toy coins ---what do you have?
  3. fourmack

    Encased Farthings

    This is my 1 and only encased farthing 1907 Advertising farthing 1873 The Hutchinson Brothers 'Universal' stores' were a very well known company in 1906 They operated 3 Auckland stores one at the corner of Custom St West / Queen street and the others at Ponsonby and Newmarket. They were Grocers and General supply sellers.
  4. fourmack

    1806 farthing - variety?

    Well it worked today ---crazy?
  5. fourmack

    1806 farthing - variety?

    I beleave I have both --but how do I insert images as my smallest is 14kb as it will not accept over .49kb
  6. Thanks for your reply's cheers Don
  7. 1797 Cartwheels 1 & 2 pence grades please. also I have noticed that the 2 pence has 11 leaves is it of more value than the 10 leaf cheers Don 1pence 2pence
  8. Hi Help required as Tony Claytons site will not accept emails Is this a new variety 3 over 3 also what grade would you think ----as per photo's Cheers Don