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  1. Martin Oliva


    I really appreciate all the effort of yours to help me, thank you!
  2. Martin Oliva

    All about Sovereigns

    Hi I am starting up my collection and managed to get some coins. I am looking for some advice where to learn from about Sovereigns, which reasourses are of any value? I would be glad for some help with the value and information of what I have gathered so far: 16g 1887 Victoria 8g 1889 Victoria 8g 1909 Edvards VII 8g 1882 Victoria 8g 1901 Victoria 4g 1914 George 4g 1871 Victoria 4g 1907 Edvard VII I am very grateful for any information.
  3. Martin Oliva


    Thank you. Would you know what year that may be?
  4. Martin Oliva


  5. Martin Oliva


    I am looking for some help with identyfying the year of my angel coin, and also some valuation? Can anybody give me some hints about it?