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  1. The Coinery

    CGS v LCGS

    When I first joined this site I met Peter PWA1967 and he told me I should speak my mind on the forum but carefully / thoughtfully does it. I am probably going to be locked in the virtual "Stocks" for what I am about to write and have Cabbages thrown at me but here goes . . . . . Being a Yorkshire Man you will know I am careful with my money. Like you I do not like to pay for some thing especially when you are used to receiving it for free. The old CGS site is now closed, gone and the new site is accessed via the London Coins site and they are still in process of making live some of the smaller, less used facilities. Yes £99 is a lot of money and I thought long and hard about it before sending my £ 99 to them but this is for a year and breaking that down to £ 8.25p per month it is not an extravagant amount of money when you consider a coffee and a bun from Costa costs over a tenner. I am passionate about my pennies and as I am a variation collection collector the information held on the new site is very useful to me and whilst the site was off I must admit I missed the ability to access the information held within the site. Apart from this variation information on the site, being able to view my coin collection in the various lists like denominations or monarchs is pleasing and helps me plan what my next purchase will be. There is always another coin. My Wife calls me a "Coin Addict". Lets not get onto Wives and coins. One other important point is that as new coins and new variations are discovered they are quick to put these on the site. I like my coins in their "coffins" or slabs for several reasons: Have you ever dropped a coin and been rewarded with an edge knock or worse ?. I have dropped several slabs on the floor with no damage whatsoever. I also appreciate the fact that in the past I have purchased coins which were labelled "UNC" only to find out later that they were A/UNC or lower. At least with the slabbing you have the grade what it says and should this ever be wrong you have their guarantee of a full market refund. A cautionary tale is that whilst a slab does float its floatation buoyancy is dependant upon the coin within. I can tell you that half sovereigns DO float in their slabs where as a full sovereign DOES NOT float. I know this as several of my slabs went into the river Ouse from my boat and the floaters we all half sovereigns. For the REAL coin seekers there are several sovereigns in the River Ouse outside the Kings Arms in York !!! Grading fees are always a topic of conversation. I would like mine done for free but it does cost money for wages, admin and also the slabs, labels and actual grading time. I have previously spoken to two of their graders and they told me its not just have a peek and guess / assess the grade. The year and denomination / monarch is a no brainer - we can all do that. Firstly they have to decide exactly which variation of the denomination for that year it is and also if it is a NEW variation. This can take some time bearing in mind the pressure they are under and the *ollocking they would get if they miss some thing. Then they have to assess the actual grade. They have a benchmark set which I have seen myself and this does help them decide on the grade. Then the coin goes to the second grader who basically does the same job again and the second grader gives their grade. Now they have two numbered grades, probably, hopefully both the same number. The coin and both graders numbers then go to the final grader who makes the final call upon the grade - A consensus of opinion is made is there is a difference of numbered grades. Now the coin has to be fitted in the slab, label attached and the UIN info uploaded - All for £ 15.75p. I believe this £ 15.75p covers all coins valued up to £800. I believe the maximum grading charge is £90 at a rate of 2% so that's up to a coin costing £ 4500. If you can afford a coin for £ 4500 then you can whinge about £ 90 . . . . Also its a business not a Non Profit organisation. How many of us would want to or could afford to work for free ? Coins that are not British cost a flat fee of £ 15.75p so If you collect other than British coins you will not pay more than £ 15.75p - that is my understanding. I believe in slabbing. Slabbing is HUGE in America and what happens over there usually happens in England. To sum up and this is the bottom line: We are coin collectors so we buy / trade coins. Do you want to be able to see ALL your coins in list format with photos ? Do you want to buy a coin that is exactly the grade / variation you want it to be and if not have the confidence that if it is not you are covered by their guarantee ? Do you want in depth information about the coins you have, their values and also their variations ? Do you want to damage your coins when you drop them and you will drop coins ? Finally and very important buying a slabbed coin is so much easier than buying a raw coin as you know exactly what you are going to get before you part with your money. I have now put on my Tin Helmet and Bullet Proof Vest and I await the back lash !
  2. The only information I have on this coin is as follows: "Kings Norton Metal Company Trial piece. Obverse: Bust right within raised inner circle and outer border of linked circles, no legend. Reverse: KINGS NORTON METAL CO L.D around an border of linked circles, this encircling 10 small circles and a further border of linked circles, the cypher KNM within. Weight 10.19 grammes" It is a lovely quirky coin which I bought last year. It is slabbed by CGS at grade 65 which is GEF grade to non Coin Coffin Collectors. The Obverse is worn and could possibly be a weak strike as it certainly won't be a worn die. It is the only one known to CGS and I would appreciate any information upon it for my records
  3. The Coinery

    1908 Penny

    Hi Pete This is the 1908.03 if memory serves. I think I have one at 70 and I will have a rummage and let you know.
  4. Penny 1797 Grade: EF (CGS 60) UIN: 36246 £ 185 - Free Delivery Will remove from slab if requested
  5. I think I have what the Chinese would agree is the Luckiest Coin EVER. The CGS grade for this coin is: 88 The UIN for this coin is: 8888 The year is 1953 . . . . And in this there is even more luck: 9 -1 = 8 . . . .5+3 = 8 So 88 + 8888 + 8 + 8 = A very lucky year. I looked hard for a Rooster but only found Lions, a Harp and The Queen. I tried to make a "Fowl" or "Bird" related word from the Reverse and Obverse inscriptions but none with mentioning. Have you ever seen a luckier coin ?
  6. I have just bought a coin cabinet so I am selling my Lindner Tray's with Red Insert's Clean - Tidy - Good Condition 20 Squares per tray each 50mm x 50mm Fits the 2" x 2" white paper coin envelopes perfectly £ 15 delivered With 20 NEW Envelopes - £ 16 FREE DELIVERY I only have 5 of these so first come first served.
  7. The Coinery

    Lindner Tray with Red Insert. 20 Squares 50mm x 50mm

    2 left for sale.
  8. The Coinery

    Lindner Tray with Red Insert. 20 Squares 50mm x 50mm

    I am happy to put one on the side until next month ?
  9. The Coinery

    Lindner Tray with Red Insert. 20 Squares 50mm x 50mm

    Hi I have just looked on eBay to check the outside diameter of the Quadrum Capsules and it states: Capsule size: 50 x 50 x 6.25mm (2 x 2 x ¼’’) The squares will take 2" x 2" so yes they will fit the capsules.
  10. The Coinery

    Spanish Pesetas

    Thank you Copper123
  11. Excuse me Vegas - The Queen IS a Bird !!!!!
  12. What is the "Collective" name for Numismatists ?

    1. 1949threepence


      Don't know, but I'd put forward two suggestions, "A collection" or "A cabinet" ;)


  13. The Coinery

    Spanish Pesetas

    I have four 5,000peseta notes - are they worth anything ? Would the bank take them back ?
  14. 130 / 8 = 16 and thus 2 x 8 = 16 so its getting even luckier
  15. The Coinery

    CGS "membership" Fee

    Will it work if you take a "Second" or a "Minute" to give it a "Hand" or two ? :-)
  16. The Coinery

    March LCA catalogue now up

    I am glad you are not bidding as I have my fingers crossed for the Brass 3D's
  17. The Coinery

    March LCA catalogue now up

    Thanks Mat. I will be able to view on the morning before the auction. There are about 30 lots I would like. One benefit is I can pay on the day and submit to them for slabbing what I want slabbing without having to worry about posting them.
  18. The Coinery

    March LCA catalogue now up

    Where can you view photos of coins in the catalogue without photos ? - There are a few coins I am interested in that don't have pics.
  19. The Coinery

    Penies - Edward VII

    I am looking to complete my Edward VII penny and half penny runs as best I can. If you have any high grades you can bare to part with let me know. I would look at ANY grade I do not have or will take any upgrade whether it was slabbed or raw
  20. The Coinery

    I in BRITT in penny?

    I can always rely on you to advise me Mat. I have been looking for a 1911 Hollow neck for about a month. Remember when I could not find a 1920 florin in high grade - found one at York Coin fair at the FIRST table I looked - KB Coins. I was chuffed. I also found a Matte Proof £5 1902 & and a £5 1902 currency both at MS63. Shame they didnt cost same as the 1920 Florin - LOL
  21. The Coinery

    I in BRITT in penny?

    I dont know if this will help but this is a 1911 penny I of BRITT to a tooth
  22. The Coinery

    Penies - Edward VII

    The Coinery HD.E7.1902.01 85 0000056 The Coinery HD.E7.1902.02 90 0001230 The Coinery HD.E7.1903.01 85 0037076 The Coinery HD.E7.1904.01 82 0040482 The Coinery HD.E7.1905.01 82 0023809 The Coinery HD.E7.1906.01 70 0022153 The Coinery HD.E7.1907.01 60 0022154 The Coinery HD.E7.1908.01 70 0022155 The Coinery HD.E7.1909.01 82 0003134 The Coinery HD.E7.1910.01 78 0022157
  23. Does anyone know if lustre / luster will fade on its own after time. I know that other items, like curtains or paintings, if left in sunlight will fade. I make mattresses and I know for a fact that foam goes a darker brown due to the warehouse lights exactly like a sun tan and you can see the "Strap Lines" on the foam where the foam above it has been like a very pronounced shadow. Coins change due to oil from our fingers so if a coin is untouched and in a cabinet or box which is dark will the lustre fade over time ? Advise Please !
  24. Maybe you will get some snow. Well I must drag my weary bones out of the Man Cave and struggle to work to sit there and look at more coins - Its a hard life
  25. Thanks for that Mat - Appreciated !!! The coin in question is a Quarter Farthing and I was asked the question which you have answered. To give some thing back in return for your advice it is cold, grey and wet here in "Sunny Yorkshire"