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  1. Weaver

    Quadrums - where to buy pick 'n' mix sizes

    Yeah Sword. Too pricey for me. The alternative option is to buy Quads in single units I guess. I have quite a mixed bag of coins to house hence the question about mix'n'match option. Cheers, Weaver(wayne)
  2. Weaver

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    And I run a charity with a shop front in Boscombe, based on Christchurch Road - 881 The SAMEE project. We teach self-employment skills with disabled people to help them to go self-employed and gain further independence. Small world indeed. I'm usually in the office/shop every Wed, so pop in and say hello (after Covid of course 🤧) Weaver(wayne)
  3. Weaver

    Quadrums - where to buy pick 'n' mix sizes

    Thanks Sword. That's a shame because I read a thread here a while back with a link through to an Ebay seller who was offering orders of 10 Quads in mixed dia. Wish that seller was still about. Cheers, Weaver(wayne)
  4. Hi everyone, I'm sure you've all been asked this before, but can anyone tell me where I can sell or trade-in approx 10Kg of mixed date GV/GVI & EII pennies and halfpennies? Yes I could tile my bathroom floor with them😂 but I would rather sell them or even better trade them in for a single decent grade coin. Serious ideas please... Cheers, Weaver (wayne)
  5. Weaver

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    Thank you to everyone who responded with ideas. The bronze accumulation will now find a new home with Zo Arms! I love this community! All the best, Weaver(wayne)
  6. Weaver

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    Thanks for the shout out Mike... Let's see if we get a reply?... Cheers, Weaver(wayne)
  7. Weaver

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    Thanks Paddy!
  8. Weaver

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    That's true! I have never attempted to buy or sell coins on Ebay due to high selling fees etc. When you take into account negative feedback headaches etc...😫 BTW everyone... I have now weighed everything and it’s as follows:- 4.5Kg – mixed halfpennies 5.5Kg – GV pennies 4.5Kg – GVI pennies 6.3Kg – mixed brass threepences in an old bank bag! 20.8Kg total weight
  9. Weaver

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    That's an interesting idea. I think I only have enough combinations to make 3 or 4 full date runs (minus the rare dates of course), but worth a go. Any other ideas people? Weaver(wayne)
  10. Weaver

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    Thanks Rob. I would be happy with £30 for the lot actually. Cheers, Weaver(wayne)
  11. Weaver

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    Just rang them and they only take scrap gold or silver coins. Thanks for the suggestion though. There must be some way of turning the 10Kg hoard of old pennies into even a few quid? Any other suggestions? Surely you experienced collectors have been there in the past? How did you dispose of your bulk load of old bronze? Cheers, Weaver(wayne)
  12. Weaver

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    Thanks Paddy. I just want the lot gone really, so perhaps a visit to the scrap man in town is the only option? Cheers, Weaver (wayne)
  13. Weaver

    How can I sell 10Kg of old pennies?

    Thanks mate, I will check them out. I live in a small flat and moving soon after lock-down, so I need to make some space. Cheers, Weaver (wayne)
  14. Hi everyone, Ok, this is the deal... Since 1987 I have hoarded over 2000 coins from GB and the World. This pesky Covid-19 lock-down has encouraged me to start a proper inventory of the 'hoard' 😂 My ambition is to progress from coin hoarder and take all the lower grade coins (about 1950 of them!) to a dealer and hopefully get a 'trade in deal' on a couple of choice coins. So, firstly I live in Wimborne, Dorset and I have made contact with Terry and Ernest Parsons of the Dorset Coin Co. in Poole. They are BNTA members and have been trading for donkeys years. Does anyone here trade with them? Good or bad experience? Also, it's bizarre but my surname is Ingram, and I notice that a dealer near me in Southampton is called R.Ingram coins. Any good? Is my strategy to sell the 'hoard' a good idea? Or am I likely to get ripped off? Honestly though, the majority of my coins bar 50 of them are pretty standard pieces IMO. Anyway... Your thoughts please... All the best, Weaver (wayne)
  15. Well then, if you frequent the Oddies then you probably know my neighbour Valerie? It would be good to meet and learn from a real numismatist. All the best, Weaver (wayne)
  16. Now that's a superb coin! All the best, Weaver (wayne)
  17. Is that a genuine invite bagerap? All the best, Weaver (wayne)
  18. Well, Terry has invited me to the shop once the Covid-19 lock-down is lifted, so let's see if I can achieve a trade-in deal with them.
  19. Thanks James! This is good to know. cheers, Weaver (Wayne)
  20. Thanks for everyone chipping in with suggestions and comments. just to be clear, I am not looking for a cash sale! I would prefer a strategy of trading in my lower grade collection for an existing dealers stock. I am hoping that this strategy is preferable for the dealer as straightforward exchange deal. Best wishes. Weaver (Wayne)
  21. Is that what they call in the trade a mis-strike?
  22. Now you couldn't miss that one with the naked eye eh? Just goes to show that really interesting varieties show up regularly on all grades of coin. Good lesson for a new collector! Always spend time studying your new coins with a good quality magnifying device. All the best, Weaver (wayne)
  23. Thanks JLS you're a star! Give me an idea of what you mean by 'some better material'? Can you give me a few examples please? I really want to offload 95% of my collection which is all pre-decimal and global. To be honest I want to keep any pieces at EF or better, but there will be plenty of VF and F as well as a bulk load of worn coins. I would say that a beginner or early novice would love sorting through it all. All the best, Weaver (wayne)
  24. Thanks for your reply bagerap. Terry from Dorset Coins has told me to bring everything to them after the Covid-19 lock-down restrictions have been lifted. I did ask if they had an outlet for lower grade coins, and he confirmed. But... If not Dorset coins then...is there a better way to move on my 'hoard' of lower grade coins? Cheers, Weaver (wayne)
  25. Thanks again for the endorsement! It's clearly one of the research 'bibles' of numismatics. All the best, Weaver (wayne)