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  1. AV Solidus ND Constantine V with Leo IV and Leo III Syracuse Mint
  2. John Kamps

    MS 64?

    Third Party Slabbing is an American invention. I find it entertaining, when lets say a Victoria YH Shield sovereign is graded as MS-65 (meaning GEM BU) comes up at Heritage Auctions. Everyone goes gaga, and bidding extends triple estimate.... Same coin, is later offered by Baldwins, described as a GOOD EF/slabbed as a MS-65..... Hammered material is even worst, Edward III Calais Noble, slabbed as MS-64/ now in Kunker auction, they grade it EF(Vorz) Slabbed coins are very over graded. That is why I get my material from Europe/UK where it is much stricter in grading. John
  3. John Kamps

    Nons "What crap has he bought this time?" Thread.....

    I always tried to obtain my coins in EF or better. In the end, perfect quality coins/banknotes are a VERY GOOD investment, second and most important they look stunning! Example a Henry VIII AV Sovereign sold for 345,000 UK Pounds recently, in 1970 same coin fetched 700 Pounds! I recently got a 1804 George III Half Guinea in mint state from DNW, it cost twice as much as the EF one....but it was worth it. I know, I am envious of all the "Big shots" out there that can buy mint state Charles I Triple Units/ perfect 5 Guineas/ Basel 20 Dukats....I once saw a collection of Roman Aureii....195 coins all FDC. Makes one cry! Here is an example of a mint state hammered AV Goldgulden Lajos I of Anjou or as we know him Louis the Great of Hungary from Buda Mint.
  4. John Kamps

    Recent aquisitions

    Nice Russian material. Here is a AV 3/4 Dukat 1745 from Imperial City of Frankfurt commerating the election of Franz I as the new Holy Roman Emperor. John
  5. John Kamps

    Coin from Valencia/Spain

    Here is my only piece from Valencia: AV Dukato ND (1514) Ferdinand II of Aragon FDC/ but very crude strike
  6. John Kamps

    AV Solidus Valentinian II

    AV Solidus ND Constantinople Mint (387AD) Emperor Valentinianus II
  7. John Kamps

    AV Solidus Valentinian II

    AV Solidus ND Constantinople Mint
  8. AV 1/4 Dukat 1700 Nurnberg (Imperial City) ruled by Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I of Habsburg. I have the 1/32 Dukat (smaller then AV Fanams) from Indian States. They went from the massive 10 oz. 100 Dukaten to 1/32 Dukat! Maybe the latter were the so called 99%, while the massive coins were used by the one percent. John
  9. Here is my 1499 AV Goldgulden Swabach Mint ("Dogs Head" mm) from Brandenburg-Franconia Friedrich V Von Hohenzollern
  10. Posting photos of my AV Quarter Stater ND
  11. John Kamps

    unknown coin from Palembang/Sumatra

    A Napoleon III 1862-BB (Strasbourg Mint) AV 100 Francs graded as MS-64. Nice coin! I have about 100 slabbed gold coins, rest (500) are graded by European Auction Houses. In technical terms what the Americans slab as MS-66/67 Europeans grade as SC/FDC/Stempelglanz Esp. with hammered material MS-64 = EF I saw a British 5 Guineas from William III/Mary graded by St. James as good EF....it looked MUCH better then a MS-64 example from Heritage Auctions! John PS: I was hopeing you ID my little Kupang!
  12. John Kamps

    unknown coin from Palembang/Sumatra

    The first 3 fotos got in by error, it is that tiny coin from last two fotos..... I cannot find any reference material on it. It came from Elsen Auction. Thanks John
  13. AV Goldgulden ND Willem V of Bavaria circa 1330 The Hague Mint Reason Willem was called the "The Mad or Insane" was at a banquet back in Bavaria, a knight made a crude joke about the Count, at that moment Willem took his sword and loped off the offenders head!