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  1. jon

    problem posting

    Not tried on home laptop yet but no ads showing on works desktop pc so something has been changed thankfully
  2. jon

    problem posting

    Tried on desktop pc at work and laptop at home. Ads are there filling the screen. Doesn't make any difference using chrome or IE, logged in or out, same thing. If I were a newbie looking for a forum to join I would be clicking away looking elsewhere. Not good and needs sorting quickly as others have said. Btw using my mobile (android) it's fine no ads at all but a pain in the a*** typing a longish post like this.
  3. jon

    Brass 3D Hunt

    See ya later I'm setting off very soon. Just waiting for my best mate's Mulder and Sculley to pick me up. Will report back soon
  4. jon

    Brass 3D Hunt

    Now I do love a bargain ooh where do I sign up
  5. jon

    Brass 3D Hunt

    Please send me £499 and I will sign up to cgs (or whatever they are called now) and I can then view your collection and then decide if my collection is better than yours.
  6. On my to do list. Love Scotland been going now for the last 8 years or so. We usually have around 4 holidays there every year and go a different place every time. Not even scratched the surface yet. Looking forward to end of October for our next visit then again and Christmas
  7. jon

    CGS Collectors Facebook Group

    Hopefully someone will know why Bill took the decision close it
  8. jon

    CGS Collectors Facebook Group

    It appears that Bill has closed the group and all previous posts have been removed. Shame really as there was a lot of information on there about the cgs saga.
  9. jon

    1966 missing waves

    Having seen yours Richard on your site I wasn't sure if mine were given how much was missing on yours. When I saw Terry's looked very similar to mine I realised what I had.
  10. jon

    1966 missing waves

    67 missing waves
  11. jon

    1966 missing waves

    The 67 I found is a little better grade than the 66 but still not as good as your 66 Still better than not having one I suppose
  12. jon

    1966 missing waves

    Old thread i know but whilst going through my 1960's pennies looking for wavy exergues I came across this. Not as high grade as Terry's but never mind. Also found a 1967 missing wave too.
  13. Good on you and pleased to hear no come back on you for saving the poor dog who may well have died if left alone. During this hot spell it's been early mornings and late evening walks for my pair.
  14. jon

    CGS "membership" Fee

    No working for me. Any more info?
  15. jon


    Please put name in the hat. Would stand more of a chance as I know sod all about golf