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  1. mrbadexample

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    If it's listed as a BIN and you're the first one to spot it... My F164a had been up for 3 weeks.
  2. mrbadexample

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I haven't and wouldn't. His pictures are appalling. I once messaged him asking for better photos of a cartwheel 1d he wanted a ludicrous amount for. I wasn't really interested but all his pictures were weird and purple so I thought I'd ask. He responded by refusing further photos and telling me to trust him, it was a good one. He also withdrew and relisted the coin for an extra £100.
  3. mrbadexample

    Inherited Coins

    That too, as it happens.
  4. mrbadexample

    Inherited Coins

    Plus the 1908.
  5. mrbadexample

    More Pennies

    You're not wrong. I only looked that hard because it was obvious something had to be there.
  6. mrbadexample

    More Pennies

    With 1860 and 1861 you can't make much of an ID without seeing both sides though, so someone's had a good look in person I guess. The 1862 lot was a fortunate picture I think.
  7. mrbadexample

    More Pennies

    Cheers Mike. lot 980, 120 x 1861 pennies also went well at £900 hammer. Something good in there obviously, but the picture's a lot more crowded with twice the coins - I can't spot anything. If you go and view the lots, can you sit there for a couple of hours going through each coin one by one? What's the etiquette if there are other people wishing to view?
  8. mrbadexample

    More Pennies

    Maybe I should have looked harder before the auction. Does the presence of these 3 rarities (at least) make the hammer price a good one? I've really got no idea when it comes to these.
  9. mrbadexample

    More Pennies

    Do these help?
  10. mrbadexample

    More Pennies

    Lot 981 was interesting - 60 x 1862 pennies. When it went for £800 hammer from the estimate of £90-120, I thought I'd take a closer look. I think I can see a halfpenny date, an 8/6 and a F38. 1. Am I right? 2. Anyone see anything else? Was anyone here the happy buyer?
  11. Looks like a 161 to me too.
  12. I'm not a bit techy. I use Chrome. But those videos are so damned irritating.
  13. I clicked the link but it didn't fix the problem.
  14. Please explain more in terms that Rob would understand.
  15. My equivalent is collecting 4x1977 and 5x1972 Maltese 1 cent pieces that are the same size as the decimal 2p. They're worth about the same to this day.