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  1. Ahh...you've got the "Icarus" edition.
  2. I didn't know there were grey foxes. Are you sure you're not thinking of squirrels?
  3. Got two under the long back fence and they can get under the gate at the front.
  4. I may never get hedgehogs in the garden, but it won't be because I haven't tried.
  5. I buried it in leaf litter that promptly blew into the pond to nourish the blanketweed.
  6. If I made another one I'd put a dogleg in. Not that it was much fun to make - It was the biggest stump I had - it's about 10" deep and took a fair bit of effort to hollow out, even starting with a chainsaw. How big is a small entrance? I think mine's about right but it's been so long since I've seen a hedgehog it's hard to be sure. That's about 3" high.
  7. Don't think I've ever seen a thrush round here. Used to see them all the time growing up in Kent.
  8. I've built them a house up by the pond - if they come I'd be delighted.
  9. I couldn't be doing with all that grass. To my mind the purpose of a garden is to save me having to go to Sainsbury's to buy carrots. And to have tomatoes with flavour. And gooseberries for pie. I like a bit of wildlife and if it pollinates my vegetables or eats slugs, so much the better.
  10. Only the third year so had to go easy on it - we had about 8 spears. Next year should be good though. I lost 2 of the 8 crowns I planted so I need to get some replacements, and I've found few asparagus beetle in the last couple of days.
  11. I need to have a tidy but I've just picked up a load of firewood that needs cutting up. That's it - warts and all. It's probably obvious that if I can make it, repurpose it or scrounge it, I don't pay for it.
  12. The bags waiting to go to the tip are stones I riddled from two raised beds earlier in the year. New builds are a pain - it's like trying to grow vegetables in a box of rocks.
  13. I want to attract more wildlife but the cats kill everything.
  14. It's really difficult to introduce some height and cover for birds without trees and shrubs.