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  1. I don't know how you could bear to part with that.
  2. Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    I've only opened one, but wrapping it in a tea towel to protect your hands and twisting it breaks it open quite nicely.
  3. Auction houses

    Don't buy them then.
  4. Minting Error Beatrix Potter Flopsy 50p 2018

    Personally I think it's just poor quality rather than an error. If I wanted one at all I'd rather have an unflawed one. I could be wrong but suspect this post is just a plug for your ebay listing?
  5. 1844 crown real or fake?

    Are you suggesting that one's fake too?
  6. 1844 crown real or fake?

    I don't see anything that concerns me, although I don't think it's a particularly good comparison due to the very different degrees of wear.
  7. Olympic 50ps

    Not me, but this made me smile.
  8. I had to get mine from the States.
  9. Gold proofs

    I fancy that too but I'll let you have it this time.
  10. new to coins

    Well you've got all the pennies so it's probably time you started on something else.
  11. If you'd said a straight EF I wouldn't argue. I'd be happy with it.
  12. new to coins

  13. I for one would like to see how you get on Paddy.
  14. Nope. Verdicare won't touch that. It's quite good for early stage verdigris and loosening grime though.