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  1. I'm not a bit techy. I use Chrome. But those videos are so damned irritating.
  2. I clicked the link but it didn't fix the problem.
  3. Please explain more in terms that Rob would understand.
  4. My equivalent is collecting 4x1977 and 5x1972 Maltese 1 cent pieces that are the same size as the decimal 2p. They're worth about the same to this day.
  5. mrbadexample


    Gittens. They're like kittens but they're carpet-trashing gits.
  6. mrbadexample

    Had a field day on e bay......

    Dear Peter I am writing to you in response to your enquiry of 25 April. The Deputy Master of the Royal Mint wrote the following in his Annual Report of 1934 about the darkening of pennies: “In my Report for 1933 I drew attention to the fact that no bronze pennies were required to be struck for circulation in that year. Large stocks of this denomination were held by the Banks and, in accordance with the usual policy of this Department, the issue of pence had from October, 1932, been suspended in this country. In the autumn of 1934, however, it became evident that the stocks had to a large extent been absorbed. I, therefore, invited representatives of the Banks to meet me in order to discuss this position. As a result of our deliberations it was generally agreed that the ban on the issue of new pennies from the Mint should be to some extent relaxed. There was, however, some anxiety displayed that the issues should not be too lavish, especially in meeting the constant demand for bright new pennies, so much desired for the Christmas Stocking, a demand which is spurious to the extent that it is followed, as it often is, by inconvenience to the Banks when the young recipients disgorge their treasures in exchange for other delights which subsequently appeal still more to their taste. Last Christmas, therefore, I felt compelled to meet these views of the Bankers and arranged that all new pence, for the time being, should be issued only after their attractive sheen had first been removed. I am glad to be able to report that, in view of the clear evidence we now have of a very large increase in the genuine demand for pennies this year, the precaution has not proved necessary.” I hope this answers your question. Best wishes
  7. mrbadexample

    Had a field day on e bay......

    Smashing. Pictures when you get it please.
  8. mrbadexample

    Had a field day on e bay......

    Did you try Dave Craddock Mike? He had one on his last list AUNC, £25.
  9. mrbadexample

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Notwithstanding the truth of the above statement, I don't see anything wrong with them. What am I missing?
  10. mrbadexample

    more FAKES

    They are. This would never pass muster with Mr Average Joe, once he's pulled his loupe out and checked for the micro-lettering.
  11. mrbadexample

    More Pennies

    Plus the TT in BRITT. Clear to me. Now that you've pointed it out.
  12. mrbadexample

    Commendable Künker

    No, weary looking courier.
  13. mrbadexample

    Commendable Künker

    I concur. They didn't even charge me extra postage when I bought my Swedish 4 daler weighing a little over 3kg.
  14. Custom is clearly not important to them, is it?