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  1. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Amazing how one person accumulates so many rare errors. He needs a bloody good slap to be honest. The fact that he's managed to get some slabbed is astonishing, and really doesn't look good for LCGS.
  2. Pennies High grade.

    Actually, that works too.
  3. Pennies High grade.

    At least you know that if you send something to me you'll never see it again!
  4. Pennies High grade.

    No, I haven’t! I’ve got a few more gaps you haven’t filled for me yet...
  5. Pennies High grade.

    Me please Pete, unless there’s a more deserving cause!
  6. No pitting, just marks like something's evaporated from the surface, like water marks on your shower screen for want of a better analogy.
  7. 5 incuse gunports, P1248. I couldn't help humming the Captain Pugwash tune while I sorted the photo out. Incidentally, what do you make of the mottled surface? The coin has a few oily colours and I wondered if it had been dipped in a solvent of some sort (petrol?). It's a shame because it's a good 'un apart from that.
  8. Penny reverse ID please.

    It'll probably be Monday before I see this thing. Postie will attempt delivery tomorrow, I will be out, he will take it back to the post office etc...
  9. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Iffy? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1931-Wreath-Crown-Silver-George-V-4056-Minted/183057454461?hash=item2a9f13157d:g:HzMAAOSwxOFaeK2j
  10. See a penny, pick it up...

    I did think about getting it slabbed for comedy value.
  11. Old Dutch and US coins

    I'd like to take a look but no promises as I'm a bit boracic at the moment.
  12. Penny reverse ID please.

    The above picture shows the blank area bottom middle of the bust much better than the one on Richard's site. Much more convincing!
  13. Penny reverse ID please.

    It is fun, and of enormous value to this rookie. Better photos will surely help, which I hope to be able to provide tomorrow. I am expecting F20 as the most likely.
  14. US Grading vs UK Grading.....

    I can’t re-examine it or take more photos unfortunately - it was one I rejected as it had too many marks. For it to be die clash though, does it not have to correspond in some way with part of the opposing design, like on the penny above?
  15. Penny reverse ID please.

    I won’t mind if it’s F20. This has been an excellent learning experience for me.