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  1. IanB

    Hey all

    Hi Duncan, Welcome to the forum. Happy collecting. Ian
  2. IanB

    New ID required

    Hi Oswald, What are you talking about?
  3. IanB

    Pennies High grade.

    I can vouch for that
  4. IanB

    To clean or not to clean?

    I would always take a genuinely toned coin over a lustered shiny one. It gives character and a life rather that a flat perfect disc. I would leave it alone, it looks lovely
  5. IanB

    Pennies High grade.

    Pete, My hoard has arrived and all keepers. Hopefully I will get a chance this weekend to add them in to my collection and move things around a bit. Many thanks Ian
  6. IanB

    Pennies High grade.

    Sorry about that, I was lucky to be checking my emails when Pete posted it. Hope you don't have to wait too long for one
  7. If its vitreous enamel i.e. glass then unless it is loose and you can pick it out then the only way I know is to soak it in hydrofluoric acid but I would not go anywhere near that stuff, its highly dangerous. It may be possible to break it by tapping it and then picking out the pieces but depends on how well it was applied in the first place. If its the resin type of enamel, I have burned it out in the past but its very sticky and makes a mess.
  8. IanB

    Cleaning Proof coins

    I would leave it alone. For me toning is a natural occurring effect and I rather like it. I don't think any capsule or container that we put a coin into will ever stop it, some might slow it down if they are sealed in someway such as the CGS type but in the end I reckon even they will let something through. If your coins are toning then the likelihood is that it will come back again and at some point you may damage the coin when you wipe it. How do you store your proofs, are they in a cupboard or safe and what is the temperature and humidity like? I would imagine changes in these and possible exposure to light would have some effect on how quickly toning occurs.
  9. My other coin that arrived today. Toning is starting to develop on the obverse and his ear looks a bit sharper and not so flat as I have seen on other coins of the same period.
  10. Just got this one today. Starting to push back my collection into the 19th Century
  11. IanB

    LCA June

    I have spotted a couple, and one of them is not a penny.
  12. I have used an ultrasonic on individual coins, I make up a jig using a piece of plastic coated wire and gently wrap this around the coin so that it is in minimal contact with the edges. I then get the ultrasonic as hot as I can and dangle the coin in the liquid. I do not let the coin come into contact with the machine to prevent any rubbing to the coin. I have not used acetone just soapy water. It shifts the dirt but will not remove verdigris unless it is a loose spot. i do not rub the coin with anything I just let the ultrasonic remove loose material. I then soak the coin in acetone and let it air dry. I have only used this method on circulated coins that have obvious grease and dirt problems.
  13. IanB

    My Latest Acquisition

    Nice, and a good price to boot
  14. It looks like one, do you suspect it is not?
  15. £52,000 each, that would be some boat
  16. Picked these up last week from Rob. Three nice Half Crowns and a Florin
  17. IanB


    It certainly was, and if you ever get the chance, do it. Going back one day to do it again.
  18. IanB


    Sitting with a family of Gorillas in Uganda
  19. Lovely, nice hair detail. I have always liked this Victoria profile.
  20. That is excellent advice Paulus. Benchmarking is a great way of knowing what to aim for even with the differences between toned and untoned the comparison between the detail is obvious such as the lion's faces and the strings on the harp. Yours is a stunning coin the toning gives it a depth and contrast between each element and certainly makes Victoria look more alive.
  21. Oh my giddy head, that Sheldon scale is a thing to try and get my brain around. I am just getting it to work on F, VF & EF.
  22. Why would anyone go to all the trouble of making a fake of a coin that even if it was genuine would not be worth much money. It must cost more to make than its value.