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  1. I use someone called Andy Jack, they have always come in their boxes.
  2. Have a look at Quadrum coin holders you can get them on eBay
  3. All very very nice Craigy. Like you, I love the rainbow toning on the penny and the half penny is going that way too. keep up the good work, nice photos Ian
  4. What grade would you give it, looks really nice. The obverse is the winner for me. Will you be photographing the reverse and re - posting so we can see the natural look on both sides.
  5. IanB

    Help needed with unknown coin/token

    https://thelondoncoincompany.com/epages/4d237887-b78a-4f19-8c94-ebc46654c578.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/4d237887-b78a-4f19-8c94-ebc46654c578/Products/BASEMED-014000 Just found this. Ian
  6. IanB

    1861 Sovereign

    Use a mirror, maybe draw some lines on it to check things are parallel.
  7. Just found this online, no idea whether it is still valid, but I imagine your best bet is to ask your bank. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2011/sep/09/old-coins-currency-minted-before-1947
  8. Time to uncork the champagne ??
  9. And this must be one of those posts that mysteriously repeat themselves for no apparent reason?
  10. That must be one of those rare coins where both the obverse and reverse are inverted.
  11. IanB

    LCA June

    Is there a way of filtering the LCA results so that only those that were not sold show up?
  12. The Sheldon scale is a bit of mystery to me and having just read through it, its still a mystery. 11 different versions of a mint state coin is just too much IMO. Anyway its a cracking coin and just the type I am looking for, for my collection.
  13. Hi Nons, Whats the grade on that half crown? It looks like a high one. Well Jell, as the young people say When you look at the picture under magnification you can see how the metal has been compressed around the tops of the letters. Wonder what the tonnage of pressure is used when they are stamped?
  14. IanB

    My Latest Acquisition

    Something I have done a couple of times is to get together the coins from a particular monarch and spread them on the table then pick at random 4 or 5 of them. I then try to place them in ascending order using my judgement and a grading book noting key indicators for wear, weakness of strike or whatever the book tells me is significant for that series of coins. I then place them back in the pack and pick another 4 or 5 at random and repeat the process until I get bored. I might then pick another monarch and look for the key indicators for that series and repeat again. It might sound labourius but it's actually quite quick. I don't use the Sheldon scale far too many variables for my brain to wrap around, I just stick with the good old F, VF, EF, UNC and a few inbetweeners such as AUNC. I also seem to work it out better if I start off by deciding what it is not rather than what it is, that might sound a bit backwards but it's just a case of elimination sometimes it's really obvious and sometimes it's a choice between two grades if thats the case I will go for the lower grade until proven otherwise. Just the way it works for me, I keep it simple and I am happy with that.
  15. IanB

    Pennies High grade.

    Pete the 1951 has arrived. A lovely example and an upgrade on my previous. Thank you Ian
  16. IanB

    LCA June

    No worries Jerry. I was after two half crowns lot 2498 & lot 2502. Only just missed them, but no point crying about it just wait for the next one to come along. Well done on your wins, I am going to check them out, I am sure they are beauties?
  17. IanB

    Opinions on eBay

    I have not bought through eBay in months. I find looking at hundreds of pictures of pennies a difficult task unless you narrow the search parameters down and even then you may find quite a few to sift through. Having said that it is another place to look and there are still some good coins on there amongst a lot of rubbish, and its too easy to rush in and overbid on something that you should have left. Spend some time looking at the various dealers sites. Get some books and do some reading and just take it slow. Easier said than done I know.
  18. IanB

    LCA June

    Outbid on both my lots
  19. IanB

    LCA June

    looks like the results are on their website
  20. IanB

    LCA June

    Thanks Pete, I will try and put it out of mind and get on with the weekend then. Hope everyone gets what they are bidding on.
  21. IanB

    LCA June

    I have put a couple of bids in, my first attempt at an auction. So what happens next? How long afterwards do I learn if I have been lucky? Can I follow the action in some way, or do I just wait until I am contacted?