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  1. IanB

    Pennies High grade.

    Yes, isn't it. I was hoping someone else would spot it.
  2. IanB

    Pennies High grade.

    Hi Pete, 1897 safely arrived, nice coin, like it a lot and thank you for the added extra. A lovely surprise but now you are tempting me towards the Dark Side of note collecting. Ian
  3. IanB

    Pennies High grade.

    I am just waiting for the reply to that one from him. I am sure it's going to be a good one?
  4. IanB

    Pennies High grade.

    I will have the coin Pete but I will leave MrBE for someone else.
  5. I know they are a commonly found coin but I do like this era. There are a lot of George the VI variety's that can keep a collector busy, double ex, single ex, forked tips, MT, proofs etc and all for a reasonable price and I think the quality of the stampings are pretty good as well.
  6. IanB

    First ever post on the forum

    Just went back into my activity to read my first post. It was about removing fingerprints. It was probably a question that had been asked countless times previously but I was given a good reply that lead on to me asking even more repetitive questions. Thanks for your patience
  7. A very handsome florin, great detail and the toning is right up my street.
  8. IanB

    My dream hammered coin! <3

    So far I don't have any of these types of coin but I can definitely see the appeal. The history and sense that they are hundreds of years old and still with us is fascinating.
  9. IanB

    1937 Penny

    I was rather hoping Matt had stored them in Quadrums or at the very least cardboard flip. You have put me right of my mid afternoon custard creams
  10. IanB

    1937 Penny

    Hi Pete, I bought Matt's 1937 2+B but no idea if it is a proof. The picture is still on his website if you want to have a look https://mypennycollection.wordpress.com/category/george-vi/ Ian
  11. IanB

    1903 Maundy 4d Obv

    That ear is very crisp
  12. IanB

    1903 Maundy 4d Obv

    Those Maundy coins. Very nice ? They look nice and crisp and the toning is something I really like.
  13. IanB

    Total beginner coin collector

    I like the look of the second one but it's already attracted a few bidders so be careful if you decide to place a bid you do not get drawn into a bidding war and ending up paying more than it's worth. It might be better to take your time and do some research on prices before buying, don't worry if you miss a coin there is always another one that will come along. The books that Upinsmoke has recommended will help you make some good choices. Also be careful of sellers overgading their coins, they are not all uncirculated like they would like us to believe. Having said that the urge to buy is strong, so go ahead but remember eBay is only one place to buy. There are some members of the forum who are dealers and I am sure will point you in the right direction.
  14. IanB


    if you click on your current silhouette avatar it will take you to your activity page. Then on the avatar next to your name there is a download picture icon.
  15. IanB

    Glossy coins?

    I bought some coins from eBay a while ago that had an oily appearance. It was not obvious from the photos but when they arrived it was definitely oily I put it down to the seller trying to hide scratches as they appeared once I had soaked the coins in acetone. it could have been olive oil or something similar. Fortunately one of the coins was an 1897 dot penny that I got at a very cheap price, so I did not complain. I just did not buy anything else from the seller. I also have some toned coins but the difference in colour and appearance is markedly different.
  16. IanB

    Album for coin storage

    Stay away from them. You have answered your own question, they are cheap and you have no way of being certain what they are made of and they could potentially damage your coins. If you want to put them in an album then I would go with a quality make such as those recommended by Upinsmoke. The 2" x 2" holders that fit the album are cheap and if you buy the non sticky ones are reusable. You say your collection is of relatively low value but it will not be long before you start to buy coins that are a little bit more valuable. I think it's best to start as you mean to go on and start housing your collection in a proper album. welcome to the forum and carry on collecting.
  17. IanB

    My Latest Acquisition

    I have always liked the Edward VII bust but I think pushing it back in time is worth considering. I have no idea on costs though. Are you sticking with the Maundy sets?
  18. IanB

    My Latest Acquisition

    That is a lovely looking set Mick
  19. I am guessing it did not sell because it was over priced even at the lowest estimate. So I will pass on this and bide my time for the moment
  20. My own fault my bid was just below the low estimate so obviously not accepted, even though I got an email back confirming that the bid was acknowledged Lesson learnt for the future.
  21. Didn't attend, but placed a bid lot 2400. Haven't heard so guess I did not get it. Did anyone win it?
  22. IanB

    1992 Lion £1 Coin?

    It looks thicker than I would have expected. Can you measure it please.
  23. Moonlighting as a glazier in case the other job doesn't work out.